Mission 23 - Nissan Skylines

Discussion in 'GT4 Events' started by Swift, Aug 8, 2005.

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    Mission 23 Nissan Skylines

    I just cant let these writeups go astray, so I'll try to save as many of them as I can.
    Courtesy of Daan and Famine

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  3. gt_masta


    I think that you really covered everything with that :lol:
  4. chinko


    AMG_SLK : The most helpful newbie ever. and thats not in a sarcastic way :tup:
  5. JFM92_GTRacer


    wow, i'm goin to try it right now!
  6. supercharger


    After months of not being able to do it I finally did it yesterday, and boy was it easy!!!!! I just used the other Skylines to ram me instead of me slip-streaming them and it worked fine. Did it first time after trying.
  7. daan

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    Nice one AMG :tup: If anyone can't pass it now, they should just hang up their DS2...
  8. Jonas_AH


    Finished this mission yesterday and it was easier than I could remember it being last time I tried. A caught the leader going into the last turn and won by 2.3 secs. :cheers:

    All driving missions now completed :cheers:
  9. chinko


    i really dont see how anyone had trouble with this one. i had the most trouble with the Oddessey one, and that was because i was using AT and it would switch to 6th and slow me down. a quick change to manual and i did it first time
  10. yeti


    All of these slip streaming missions were fairly simple... I found my best technique for this one was to concentrate on just one "helper" car and get him as fast as possible... Eventually the other ones will use him and you when you're a bit ahead anyway and may come and give you a ram later... I was past the leader before the last bend when I completed this one.

  11. propellerhead


    ive done this mission around 100 times and each time the A.I cars just cant catch me or they keep smashing into each other and slow each other down . i can draft them until the first corner tand get past them but they just cant keep up.ive read all the techniques and watched the videos and no luck .decided to scap the mission as im sick of it
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    Use your rear view mirror to make sure they are directly behind you on the straights. They'll catch up, and then make sure they don't hit you. I hated the slipstream missions, too, but they're not actually that hard if you figure out the technique.
  13. AMG.

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    @ Propellerhead,
    (Read my sig) and then re-read the advice above from Famine and Stinger05 again. I guarantee you; you will succeed and then laugh about it.
    The advice I and others before me can give is to be patient. AI2-5 will catch you!
    I stayed in 5th gear (I usually drive auto, but switched over to MT for this one) put my car on the inside of the outer yellow line. I never braked or let go of speed. I did get bumped a bit but thats unavoidable. Keep it down to a minimum though.
    Watched the rear view more than what was in front. Only moved over to outside of yellow line to let 1 sometimes 2 AIs take over and immediately dropped in behind them to start the cat and mouse game and back to inside of outer yellow line.
    As Famine said on the very last bend drop down and back up again to catch AI 1.
    It worked like a charm for me!

    PS as you've done it >100 times. When you decide to give it another go, clear your mind, forget the previous tries. Tackle this one as if you have never seen this mission before. This tactic works for me.

  14. Dark Elite

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    I too am having so much trouble with this mission, which is pretty inexplicable really because I did all the other slipstream missions first time and I'm very good at driving Skylines (I use them all the time!)... But as far as this mission goes I seem to be cursed! One thing I haven't tried is staying in fifth gear, so that's what I'll do next.

    I don't want to scrap it because a) I'm not defeatist b) I want more percentage and c) I also want the Zonda Race Car.

  15. kyle


    I can remember when I did this with AT, for me I thought I would never get it, with MT though, for me it was a joke. Keep going at it propellerhead, if I could pass it without cheating, you can too. ;)
  16. deora3


    The way I was finally able to catch the lead car was by leapfrogging with the other cars down the straights and then jump in front of the pack at the entrance of the turns while using the rearview to position my car in such a manner to keep the rest of the pack in my slipstream so that they could keep up with me all the way through the turn and be able to help out on the next straight.

    This is the only way I could get the other cars to keep up. If you don't stay in the right position through the turns a gap develops between yourself and the other cars that prevents them from being much help once you get to the straights. Find the sweet spot just in front of the other cars and they will move right in behind you all the way through the turn. It's your responsibily to keep the other cars behind you through the turns because they simply will not do this on their own.
  17. ket01084


    Mission Hall and Special Condition Hall are extremely challenging because you have that damned five seconds penalty. I decided first to win the remaining Extreme and Endurance Events, like the Formula GT Championship (ironically this a very easy race). Yesterday, I finally could pass Mission 23, I knew that I had to do the trick of using the wind tunnel, and then letting the cars pass me again, using the wind tunnel, and so forth, but previously those blasted cars couldn´t catch me again or would simply crash with me. Yesterday, they behaved well, when they came I moved out of their way, and I won by and advantage of 1.33 s having the improbable maximum speed of 177 mph.

    Could any one of you give some advices on how to win the Special Condition Hard Events of Rally and Ice? They are supossed to be 3 A-spec points race, but they look like 100 A-spec points race. Would the Suzuki Dirt Trial Rally Car or the Mitsubishi Pajero help me to win these races easily? The most useful to me has been the Toyota RSC Rally Car, but I don´t if there are better rally cars than this? In GT3, special condition was very easy and I used the Subaru Imprezza, but in GT4 this car sucks.
  18. Greycap

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    Check this out: The best rally car for special condition

    I would suggest the Mitsubishi CZ-3 Tarmac Rally Car or Lancia Delta S4 if you're really good. I mean really good... :D

    I used the Impreza '01 Rally car in all races except Ice Arena Hard Reverse.
  19. Mr. Toad

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    I agree on the Imprezza '01 :tup:. Take the HPA Golf out for a spin. It's worth the drive.
  20. f1king


    Ok I finaly finished this mission after I dont know how many tries. I used a combination of all the tips I read up on. What worked was letting them bump me at the end of the front striaght and drafting them at the back strech. I caught the leader half way around the last turn. I honestly think this is the hardest test of them all Ive finished all of them except 34 which Ive yet to try but Im sure that will take me forever as well
  21. Dirkiyo


    I always came 2 seconds short... but after seeing Famine's movie i completed mission 23 in 7.03.510!

    thanks famine :tup:
  22. jamesdelux


    Stay in 5th gear dont change ,you'll win easy!
  23. Corrrado


    I created this guide back in March and posted it in the SOE GT4 forum. There's admittedly nothing revolutionary here, but it's more of a 'walk through' than any of the quick-tips on the front page. I won this by 3+ seconds the first go-around, but didn't record the lap. When I re-ran it months later to get approximate splits I pooched the run and squeaked in with a -0.143.

    I bashed those who advocated 'bump drafting teh red car for three lapz" and for good reason -- it's a crap, hack, unrealistic way to run the mission.

    You have to manage the pack, which means **NOT** just mashing X for 3 laps.

    This works *and* you have room for error. I passed the lead car just out of the tunnel on the back stretch, won by nearly three seconds, and the lead car was just barely at the head of the pack by 0.250 seconds.

    1) Draft down the first straight.
    2) Smoothly pull to the inside and pass all cars. Keep on the accelerator until the pass is complete.
    3) Move in front of the lead car (here come the secret).
    4) **Let off the accelerator until your speed is 166 MPH, then hit the gas again. **
    5) Drive as much out of rear-view as front view. Keep in position to allow the AI to draft.
    6) When the lead car(s) come up behind you, move swiftly, but smoothly right outside the yellow line and let as many go by as are in the pack. You actually WANT them to get a bit ahead of, but only through their own momentum. Never Never Never slow down on a straight.
    7) When it's safe to pick up the draft again, pull in behind and draft for as long as possible. For this second turn, I passed on the outside on all laps (except the last one where I was clear & I just hugged the bottom of the track).
    8) Repeat 4-7.

    The only real 'trick' here is knowing the proper speed to drop to after the pass in a corner. I haven't experimented with this (I'm just happy I passed the thing), but I didn't just squeak out a victory, I kicked that Yellow POS to the CURB.

    **edit notes**

    Err on the high side (167MPH) vs. the low side (165MPH). I just re-ran the mission and I blew one draft (dropped to 165 instead of 167/166) and got run up into a guardrail in one of the corners (no penalty).

    Still won by 2+ seconds, passing the yellow car 1/4 way into the last turn.

    Bonus Tip: 1-2 cars, pass to the outside. 3+ cars, pass to the inside. When I got chucked to the guardrail I was trying to go high around 3 cars and one just rode me all the way to the outer wall.

    As much as possible, follow the outside yellow line. Only deviate to get out of the way of an oncoming car, to make a pass, or to cut inside on the final curve.

    4/10/05 Edit for split times:

    I ran this again, first time in a while. I absolutely BLEW the start (lost 0.350 trying to get a straight line going) & the first pass. As a result, I didn't make the final pass until the final straight leading up to the start finish line. Here are the split times.

    Split times:

    0.5 laps: +9.018 sec
    1.0 laps: +7.776 sec
    1.5 laps: +6.223 sec
    2.0 laps: +4.633 sec
    2.5 laps: +2.928 sec
    *Finish*: -0.143 sec

    (from http://boardsus.playstation.com/playstation/board/message?board.id=granturismo&message.id=104553 )
  24. greenjack


    After reading your guide I won first try! Thankyou Famine!
  25. agent kri

    agent kri

    Its easy to win by just going full throttle all the time.
    The other cars will never be too far away to be out of your slipstream.
    I even bumped into the yellow skyline on the last complete straight.
  26. jamaican


    thanks alot famine i got it on the first try!!! i saw the lead car on the corner before the end of the second lap and my heart started to beat soo fast.

    i also had to brake/slow down twice because i was too far infront of the whole lot so they couldn't draft me
  27. JRK


    I did it exactly how the 'rules' were described and I was able to pass the mission first time. Before I found this board, I had tried numerous times with no luck. :crazy:

    I am new to the board btw. :tup:
  28. Ermac26


    To let you know though, when I did this mission the other night, it took me three trys before I was able to pass this mission. The only reason why I won was because the AI cars bumped from me behind on the last turn of the last lap and that made me win by about, if I remember correctly, 0.325 secs or so. So, technically I never cheated I was keeping my passengers side tires on the farthest outside yellow line of the track on the last lap but ended up getting lucky. If that never happened I would still be trying to beat the mission.

    But Either than that it was a piece of cake following everyones tips who posted. Congrats to the better drivers :tup: :tup: :cheers:
  29. prisonermonkeys

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    I finally cracked Mission 23 today, and IMHO, I think it requires a fair bit of luck. I found the major problem was that five times out of six the four AI cars (red, silver, black and white) preferred to fight for the racing line, trying to muscle one another to one side, the end result being that they slowed right down. On the one occasion that I did get lucky enough to have them follow me, only about one time in eight did they actually keep up with me for at least two and a half laps. It was frustrating to see them back off after two laps while you're still three seconds down.

    Personally, I found it best to draft down the main straight and through the first corner and pulling out of the slipstream just shy of 280km/h, then keep to the racing line - as previously stated - down the back straight. With luck, two cars will draft you just out of the tunnel and you can line it up by looking back. Rinse, lather, repeat as best you can, but for once on the second lap, get as close to the inside wall as possible. It might sound ridiculous because it's about as far away from the racing line as you can get, but if you've amnaged to work it up to 270-275 in a slipstream, you can reel the yellow car in by up to a second each time, but the trade-off is that you'll lose the chase pack.
  30. bellybox

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    Thanks Famine, watched the first bit of your replay, then completed it easily :tup: