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    Get the latest version of the MK Program here.

    Summary provided by, Frustrated Palm.

    The MKS program is a program that allows you to hybrid cars on the computer using a Gran Turismo 3 game save that you have uploaded to your computer by using a Sharkport/X-Port (which connects your computer and PS2 via a usb cord and allows you to upload gamesaves to your computer). In MKS you can give parts to a car from other cars in the game. Like putting a Cobra engine into a Camaro. Or putting F1 tires on a Honda S2000. You can put multiple parts from different cars onto one car to make a car which we call a "Hybrid". You can make 5000+ hp monsters, subtle Mildbrids which arent so extreme, or even Realistic Hyrbids which can either happen in real life, or are made to be like a real life car that isnt in the game (Ex. Making a Hennessey Viper 1000TT out of a Dodge Viper).

    MK's Program v38. Thanks to Famine

    Updated GT3gEdit file.

    I have edited this data file for your gt3 game, to include the missing color names and changed the 1130 color to read "Race Modified" instead. I have also removed some extra junk in the file.
    Since I can not attach a .ini file here I will leave a link to GTH where I have the file posted. Download this and replace your current GT3gEdit Configuration Settings file that came with MK's v3.8 or whatever version you are using.

    The updated file is located here.

    MK Program FAQ's can be found at:


    For those of you out there that are looking for a Sharkport. Here is a link to


    For a quick and easy way to find almost any code for any part for any codebreaking device, read this.
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