Model Car 1/24 Plastic Kits

Discussion in 'The Rumble Strip' started by eddieturner2002, Mar 18, 2004.

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  2. I can't view the pictures. :(

    Mind linking/attach them over to this thread? :D

    Yep, I've been interested in 1/24 plastic kits for sometime now. Bought 3 kits (all Tamiya) so far (2 got totalled after a fan blade hit them, completely destoryed), and I'm currently shopping around for a 4th one. I used to have some pictures of the cars, I'll try to dig em' up. :grumpy:
  3. automotiveforums, great site.

    Good luck with the modeling. I have spoken with Jordan and he isn't really keeping me up to date with it, but when the next forum update comes out, there will be an entire forum dedicated to modeling. Can't wait till then.
  4. Mike Rotch

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    Australia Down under

    I hope that forum isnt solely dedicated to cars - planes would be cool too. It is comes to pass.
  5. For under18carbon

    In Progress:

    Fujimi R33 and Hellar Xsara.

    I am a n00b at this, these are my first models. Im 13 years old and i cant paint for my life really; my hands are more wobbly than a 100 years olds legs.But i try hard to get clean detail on. But saying that i have made the R33 arches wider and i think they worked quite well to a good effect. The only problem is now the wheels are too swollowed up by the arches so im waitin for deep dishes off HLJ. Anyway heres some pics.





    And the Hellar Xsara it the WRC one but i wanted it to be a road car, its had one base coat of French blue but still needs more work.



    Can i have some feedback please on these, constructive critism is welcome. Also what colour do you think i should spray the R33?
  6. Jay

    Australia Australia

    R33 GTR model. yummy
  7. kr0nika


    I'm working on an F50 Barchetta right now.
  8. That is one sick assed Xsara!
  9. kr0nika


    Those things are minute compared to my F50. You literally have to glue everything together. There's about 300 parts...300 really small parts. Grrrr.
  10. A modeling forum would be cool.
    I tried my hand at modeling a 1983 Camaro Z28, the construction is fine so far but i screwed up the paint job on the car royally, im gonna have to by a cheap airbrush kit from testors, its not really an airbrush kit it has propellent and you hold it like a spray can, and its only $15 bucks or so.
  11. Joey D

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    My recent projects are an Intregra Type R and a Buick Gran National.

    Anyone know where I can get a Typhoon Model? I know they make them but I can't find one.
  12. yous is nice, mine is complete crap compared to yours
    Do you use an airbrush?
  13. I6-4-eva

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    i lost one of the wheels from my 1/24 Sileighty anyone know where i can find a replacement? or get a new set?

  14. Oh it will be dedicated to hobbies in general bud. You'll definitely have a plane section.
  15. Try You'll have to sign up with them but they do a great selection of wheels and tyres for really low prices. They use pay pal by the way.
  16. I just recieved 3 loads of wheels today, a set of Racing Hart Type CR's, some Volk CE28's and some Volk TE37's. They all look really nice and the TE37's are wider than the standard ones that came with my R33 some im gonna use them for that.

    PICS come later when i get some batteries.
  17. I'm going out later today to check out some model kits. If things go as planned, I should get my hands on a Tamiya 1/24 Scale Mazda 787B. :D

    I hope they still have the kit though, it's been like 7 months since I last visited the mall. :grumpy:

    Edit : Bastige shop didn't have the 787B kit anymore. :grumpy: I didn't get any other kit though - they were way above my price range.
  18. I love putting models together but I absolutely hate painting them. Probably explains why my Star Wars X-Fighter model and my Warhammer models never got completed. :indiff:

    United Kingdom Wolverhampton

    I've got a few Models. Here. Now before you guys say anything. I know that they are dusty. I forgot to clean them
  20. What colour do you lot think I should spray the R33?
  21. Dark green with a Kevlar hood, (off-yellow), and put some gold rims on it. It'd look phat! :D
  22. Finally - here's a picture of my Mazda efini RX7, it's a Tamiya kit. I had to resize the picture so it would fit in here, so excuse the quality.

    I build this one some 2 years ago, it was a birthday gift from my sister (:eek: )!

    Edit : Check out my uber-cool mousepad.
  23. SS2


    Well my dad has lots and they are not made they are already made but they are expensive:
    Ford Mustang Boss 429
    Ford Mustang Boss 302
    1970 Mach 1
    '65 Shelby GT350
    Shelby A/C Cobra 427
    2 '69 Camaro Z/28s
    '69 SS Camaro with hidden headlights
    2 '69 SS Camaros without hidden headlights
    '67 Corvette
    '63 Corvette Sting Ray
    '68 SS El Camino
    '69 Pontiac "Judge" GTO
    '70 Olds Cutlass 442
    '65 Pontiac GTO
    '70 Hemi Cuda
    '69 Dodge Charger
    '63 Chevy Impala
    '57 Chevy Bel Air
  24. im same name in AF what i am here :O
    Some of my many work:
    And my desk:
  25. Me too. Anyway i have seen your projects there, you are talented
  26. This thread must live! :D

    A couple of days back I got this :


    I've yet to paint kits properly yet (they're a bit expensive), I only got paint for the body. :lol:
  27. Yeh it's been pretty much dead lately. I haven't really worked on my models for a while. The arches on the R33 are finished and the body is ready for its last primer coat. The interior is about 50% done. I also started on the chassis of a Tamiya '02 Impreza Rally but not much has gone on there. Oh well, I should start to progress more soon though.
  28. CFM


    Here's some pics of a Challenger I did a few years back. I've got about 10 new Tamiyas that I want to get started on someday...:indiff:

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  29. Darin


    I'm looking for a RX-7. So far failed to find one at anywhere.
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