Monday Night Racing (recruiting for GT7 now)

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Monday Night Racing

August 2 @ 7:30 Eastern, reprised the following Wednesday @ 9:00 UTC

Car: Mitsubishi GTO Twin Turbo, Comfort Hard, 285 HP, 3748 lbs


Mitsubishi GTO Twin Turbo tune / settings



Tracks & Conditions (Laps):
Streets of Willow 2, Tires = 18X, Fuel = 7X, (10)
Tokyo Express Central Inner, Tires = 18X, Fuel = 6X*, (9)
Kyoto Driving Park Yamagiwa 2 Tires = 18X, Fuel = 6X*, (5)

There are only 6 AWD cars heavier than the GTO and all of them have way more HP. The GTO has to push 13.15 lbs with each HP, but, with a good tune, it isn't a bad car in a 1-make race. Very stable, does what it is told to do. There are 937 lbs sitting on each tire, so it is nearly impossible to break the tires free under power. That is probably why Mitsubishi added two turbos to this bulldozer.

Come for the free beer, stay for the great racing.
I joined the GTO/3000GT fun session that just ended.
Good and clean racing, at least two people (host included) were competitive, couldn't snatch any wins until the very last race.
A couple of training sessions could have helped me being a bit more consistent.
Looking at the previous post, I understand that I joined after the "main" event, so I guess that no one had trained for those...
The only bit of criticism I have is totally circumstantial and related to the results of the track votes.
Why does everyone love racing cars on road cycling tracks?
Will try to join again.
Thanks for the good fun.
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Welcome to our Monday nights of racing, gkgamer.

It was a pretty strange night. For the first hour and a half, we ran through the planned races on Comfort Hard tires. Since we got down to three drivers, we then tested using Sport Hard tires, just as a comparison for ourselves on unplanned tracks. It was all impromptu. Then unknown drivers started coming into the lobby, including you. More drivers built up the grid size as the night went on, too. This car was a fun magnet and we kept racing for 4 solid hours, which was great to see again. We never know how open lobbies go and this was a good one.

Please check us out each week.
Monday Night Racing

August 9 @ 7:30 Eastern, reprised the following Wednesday @ 9:00 UTC

Car: Dodge Viper Gr.4, 428 HP, 3086 lbs, Sport Medium Tires = 6X, Fuel = 7X


Dodge Viper Gr.4 settings / tune


Tracks (Laps):
Sardegna Road Track B (10)
Red Bull Ring (10)
Barcelona (8)

It feels as if the gears will be really important with this car. Watch your fuel on Red Bull Ring.

Come for the free beer, stay for the great racing.
There is lots of fun left still in August!

You won't want to miss the next car, on August 23rd we will commemorate MNR's 9th anniversary (y'all have invites), and there is a special event the likes of which we have never had before waiting for you on August 30th.
Monday Night Racing

August 16 @ 7:30 Eastern, reprised the following Wednesday @ 9:00 UTC

Car: Ford GT 2017, Hp 646, 3053 lbs, Tires = Sport Soft


Ford GT 2017 settings / tune



Tracks & Conditions (Laps):
Tokyo Express East Inner Loop, Tires = 9X, Fuel = 3X, (7)
St Croix A2, Tires = 7X, Fuel = 3X, (5)
La Sarthe no chicanes, Tires = 10X, Fuel = 2X, (4)

You will have to watch your tire wear more than fuel, this time.

Come for the free beer, stay for the great racing.
Monday Night Racing

August 23 @ 7:30 Eastern, reprised the following Wednesday @ 9:00 UTC

Car: Renault R.S.01 GT3 Gr.3, Tires = Racing Hard, 534 HP, 2690 lbs


Renault Sport R.S.01 GT3 Gr.3 settings / tune



Tracks & Conditions (Laps):
Maggiore West 2, Tires = 10X, Fuel = 5X,(11)
Alsace Village, Tires = 11X, Fuel = 5X, (8)
Bathurst, Tires = 10X, Fuel = 5X, (8)

We have birthday cake!
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Monday Night Racing

August 30 @ 7:30 Eastern, reprised the following Wednesday @ 9:00 UTC

Car: Toyota GR 86 2021, Tires = Sport Hard, 231 HP, 2800 lbs


Toyota GR 86 settings / tune



Tracks & Conditions (Laps):
Northern Isle Speedway, Tires = 20X, Fuel* = 11X, (20)
Suzuka East Course, Tires = 12X, Fuel = 7X, (15)
Dragon TRail Seaside, Tires = 12X, Fuel = 7X, (6)
Alsace Village 2, Tires = 12X, Fuel = 7X, (6)
Nurburgring GP, Tires = 12X, Fuel = 7X, (6)
Maggiore Center 2, Tires = 15X, Fuel* = 9X, (15)
Blue Moon Bay Infield A, Tires = 12X, Fuel = 7X, (12)
Red Bull Ring, Tires = 12X, Fuel = 7X, (8)
Monza, Tires = 12X, Fuel = 7X, (6)

On Monday, we will have a different special event, something that we haven't done on-line before. We will run the new GR 86 in a Monday Cup, a replication of the Sunday Cup events adjusted for the MNR environment. As drivers enter the Party Chat, they will be listed in order for picking which of the 9 tracks to use. Once the track has been run, it is eliminated from being used again.

Lots of raw material for fun here, we just need you to join us.

Come for the free beer, stay for the great racing.
What a great night of racing! The car is fun, even as an N200. Met some new A+ drivers looking for lobbies not using Racing Soft tires and had a couple of familiar competitors join in. The lobby was up for 3 hours, too. You are missing out.
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Monday Night Racing

September 6 @ 7:30 Eastern, reprised the following Wednesday @ 9:00 UTC

Car: Porsche 911 GT3 (997), 428 HP, 3075 lbs, Tires = Sports Hard


Porsche 911 GT3 (997) settings / tune



Tracks & Conditions (Laps):
Big Willow, Tires = 9X, Fuel = 5, (10)
Interlagos, Tires = 9X, Fuel = 4X, (8)
Nurburgring GP, Tires = 9X, Fuel - 4X, (7)

The Porsche 911 GT3 is a well liked car, so I hope it entices you to join in on our fun.

Come for the free beer, stay for the great racing.
Monday Night Racing

September 13 @ 7:30 Eastern, reprised the following Wednesday @ 9:00 UTC

Car: Toyota 86 Gr.B Rally Car, 516 HP, 2601 lbs, Tires = Wet / Dirt


Toyota 86 Gr.B Rally Car settings / tune





Tracks & Conditions (Laps):
Sardegna Windmills 2, (10)
Spa - rain, Tires = Wet 7X, Fuel = 3X, (6)
Fisherman's Ranch, (5)

Let's get dirty!

Come for the free beer, stay for the great racing.
I'd like to join you it required to complete all 3 races/events?
Thanks for your interest in our racing, BitsofData!

The room opens at 7:30 Eastern and stays open while there is enough action. Because of the time required to research the races, the listed events repeat at least once, which usually can take 3 hours in an open lobby. You are not required to stay active the whole time. People have their lives to live, and things happen.

If you cannot stay for all races, we still will try to make it fun and/or challenging for you. See you next week?
United States
MasterGT, thank you for responding.....yes, I'll be there with rings on my fingers and bells on my toes.
I didn't mean that I'd have to necessarily not finish all the races and leave. I have severe arthritis in my knees and it's painful to be in the driving position for long periods of time, although at times, it's not as bad......anyway, thank you again!
That's understandable. I also have a chronic nerve injury actually caused by playing GT using a controller, which is why I have to use a wheel.

You are welcome to stay as long as you can take it.
I added you to the message stream for Monday Night Racing, BitsofData, so you can see the next races now. I will post the same details here probably tomorrow.