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(Gran Turismo Sport Suggestion)

1. NON SEQUENTIAL Transmissions.
2. Six Speed Transmission upgrades for five speed cars.
3. Five Speed Transmission upgrades for four speed cars.

Here are some reasons for why they should be added:

1. I've recently gotten a tri pedal setup for my T300RS (with a TH8A), and I've found that if I want to use the clutch to shift I HAVE to use the stock transmission since sequentials don't need or use a clutch.

2. To add more gears to a car you have to equip the sequential, for example, the Mini-Cooper 'S' '65 is a four speed manual car, if we want five gears, we are forced to equip a sequential transmission anyway, so this is another reason to add non sequential transmissions and gear upgrades. Another example is the relatively new AE86 Trueno 83', it's a five speed manual car, if you wanted to add a sixth gear, you currently have to use a sequential to do so.

3. All players use customizable sequential trannies in online use, wheel users can't use a manual tri pedal setup to their full extent with only the stock transmission, so it leaves players such as I at a great disadvantage since- (Another point continued in No.4)

4. Obviously on a stock transmission, you can't adjust or tune the gearing ratios to your liking, so if you're using a stock transmission to use your clutch, you can't adjust your top speed or how short/long your gearing is, so players who use sequential trannies (like in No.3) are able to adjust their gearing while normal manual transmission users are not.


1. You can't use a clutch with sequentials.
2. You can't add more gears to a car without equipping the sequential.
3. Inability to competitively race online without a sequential (especially with just a stock transmission).
4. Inability to tune gearing on a stock transmission.

Thank you for reading and considering my suggestion.
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The Flying Finn
To add to that, allow changing the final gear only on cars that have different ratios available in real life. The prime example being muscle cars, the quarter mile special final gear usually equipped on them is next to useless for circuit driving but changing it requires, once again, using a sequential transmission.

If I was the one making the decisions, road cars would have the following options when upgrading the drivetrain:

1. Fully customizable sequential transmission, gears added if plausible (preferably a choice of how many)
2. Fully customizable H pattern transmission, gears added if plausible (preferably a choice of how many) - only applicable on a stock H pattern car
3. Fully customizable stock type transmission, no gears added - in rare cases this is the same as option 1
4. Final gear options - only applicable on cars that really have/had such options

For race cars, no other options than a fully customizable stock type transmission with no extra gears - unless the real car used different options, of course. Few things feel as stupid as a driving a four speed historic with a five speed sequential just to get the top speed right.