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  1. michael15


    i got a question, what bike has the most hp when it's tuned. how fast does it go? and is it faster than a GT4 car?
  2. Burn_Rubber07

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    Ya its by far the 5 suzuka 8-hour bikes. They don't tell you the HP of them, but I would guess its well over 210. There max speed is around 220mph
  3. corn13


    most hp i think is the 8h bikes but there already a form for top speed on page two.
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    To a point, just llike in GT4, HP doesn't necessarily equate to having a fast bike (or car). Handling, weight and gearing are just as important. Some of the "lowly" 600cc bikes pump out as much or more HP than a 1000.

    But since you simply asked what the highest HP was, I would have to agree with the 8-h's.
  5. The Uncreated

    The Uncreated

    Way higher. I've taken the Jomo Suzuki GSX-R1000 up to 230 before, and it only redlined because I chose not to gear it taller for Nurburgring, but they are indeed still faster than that.

  6. dbartucci


    250+ mph is the top speed reached.

    The most powerful bike in the game probably puts 200hp to the ground.
  7. rovens


    Well the Racing Modified Hayabusa is the highest listed hp in the game as far as i know with 193hp, the 8hr bikes may be higher but it doesnt give the data.
  8. MinusB


    Isn't the garage capable of listing HP of the bikes? I haven't looked in a while, but I think the Hyabusa has the most HP in the list.

    Regarding the 8H bikes...

    The Suzuka 8H bikes are moreso created from factory-stock equipment than even the SuperSport/Superstock bikes, or "RM" models in the game, which only have to keep the frame, cylinder, cylinder head, engine cases, transmission case... and I think that's about it. In respect to actual racing bikes, the factory "RM's" will make more power and in a less-usable range than an endurance bike will.

    In real racing... at least AMA Racing, the classes are as follows:

    Superbike - 4 strokes, 901-1000cc, custom frames (Like the Honda RC51). We don't have Superbikes in the game that I can think of.
    SuperSport - 0-600cc 4 strokes, production machinery (The RM of regular 600cc crotch rockets)
    SuperStock - 745-1000cc 4 strokes, production machinery
    Formula Xtreme - Production 4 strokes, mix of twins and 4-bangers and liquid or air cooled, with accompanying displacement classes per disadvantage of motor design.

    Thus, it is my contention that the endurance bikes don't even have the high horsepower of the Supersport or Superstock bikes (RM) that the game gives you. Any of you following racing will also know that privateer efforts often don't have the R&D money to compete with the big Factories, though their racing program is often as successful, if not moreso. But that's not the point... Money is usually a limiting factor, as is testing time and data, and you'll often find that the factories will "spank" the privateers MOST of the time with bikes outperforming them on the dyno. Again, this is not to say that privateers cannot develop a more powerful machine or race successfully against the factories, but speed costs in racing - and the factories have the $$$ to spend. If the game wishes to be accurate and not cowtoe to (wonderful) aftermarket companies, it would list the horsepower as something surprisingly lower than you'd think on an 8H bike.

    Lastly, you can only go 100% for X many hours on the bike's lifespan. A typical AMA race is 100km... or about 10-20 laps... not even an hour... all depending on the track. Now multiply that lifespan by 8 hours, and realize that you're taking too much "life" away from the engine (X hours, remember?) - to compensate, and make the bike last the full 8 hours, you need to tune it down a bit. A bike will last exponentially longer at only 95% potential, and give you X+Y hours. Make sense? :dunce: Maybe not?

    Either way, it's my belief that an endurance bike, and a privateer one at that, will have lower horsepower than the factory RM bikes. (LOL - even though I use the 7Honda or Moriwaki!!) :sly:
  9. dbartucci


    The 7 Stars Honda CBR1000RR is a works i.e. factory Endurance racing Superbike, which ran in the superbike class in 2005.

    Also the 999RM is a superbike.

    In any event, I think the HP ratings in the game are measured at the crank, not wheel and I believe the Works Honda has more HP and certainly better weight/HP than the RM 'Busa.
  10. Hoffmann


    ^ What he said.

    That HM Plant Honda is the same full HRC-spec bike as that raced at Suzuka. Only place outside of Suzuka that you can see a full HRC spec Superbike is that HM Plant bike in BSB. You will notice that power figures described only as "200+". Something around 210 would be a fair estimate.

    The Ducati RM is a Ducati 999 F04 or F03. The F03 produced 189bhp so it would be reasonable to assume that the F04 made somewhere in the region of 195bhp.

    And just to clarify, the Enduro bikes should be running higher bhp figures if you go by World Endurance championship figures. They won't "down-tune" a bike. They will merely change between fuelling maps on the ECU so as if they have a problem come through on the telemetry they can limit the revs, or likewise if they are in a stage of the race where a rider leaving the pits is in touch with the next rider or being dramatically caught from behind, they lower and raise the revs to suit.