Move Interior Camera/Seating Positions

United Kingdom
Ability to shift the seating / focal viewpoint more in the interior views of the cars, there is poor continuity between vehicles meaning some vehicles are unusable from the interior cockpit view due to having poorly configured seat positions which obscure the mirrors and other important things like instruments etc, the very very limited options we currently have do not allow enough freedom to find a view/seating position many would desire.

Currently we have +/- 5.0 , we probably need something more along the lines of +/- 30.0 (cap depending on clipping constraints)

Lateral function offset should be added as well, as some vehicles are not squarely sat behind the steering wheel creating a weird visual offset, excluding those vehicles with historical compliance this is also down to less than ideal implementation.
-The camera inside the cabin is very close to the steering wheel. PLEASE allow the camera to move more, move it 15cm back and 5cm up (in more serious cases).
I agree, the camera is too close to the steering wheel especially in open wheelers it just looks wrong..... Hope PD adds a little more variety in customizing the interior camera.