MR engine car - No oversteer?

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While lapping Tsukuba with the Ferrari Enzo, I noticed you can barely get the car to oversteer. I had TCS at 0, set the setup to default, put on sport hards on front and rear... nothing seemed to change this. I mean, it's a mid engine car with rear wheel drive, the rear should be able to break away every moment in a corner when you push the throttle a little too much, right? 700BHP... I floor it in the middle of a corner, no matter how tight, and I just understeer off the track, the front rising. I know GT is not a full-on sim, but this just feels so unrealistic. Plus, the car is not fun to drive at all because of this. Same goes for the Laferrari, and probably many other cars. How can this game get this so wrong?

I hope the handling model is more realistic for GT7...

Here's how the Enzo behaves in real life:
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I just gave it a spin, and you're right. Two things are going on here, the default setup for the Enzo is so ludicrously biased towards understeer I'm surprised it can turn at all, and the GT Sport handling model frankly is just not all that great, the teeny tiny skinny fronts on the Enzo will always give up before the huge rear tires it has.

Drop the rear ride height, set the rear toe in to something like .1 instead of .6, jack up the rear spring, damper, and roll bar settings, and put sport softs on the front, and you should be able to slide it. A bit.