MSRL League Racing Series

United Kingdom
United Kingdom
Entries open for the brand new league racing series MSRL (Motorsport Racer League)

There will be a qualification race on Wednesday 21st March 20:00 GMT around the Suzuka Circuit for all wanting to enter. Only clean drivers will be accepted. Those who do want to enter can do so by messaging myself through this Forum, or contacting me on PSN (username is TkmSpadders). You must also be part of a team, with corresponding liveries which can contain 1-3 drivers.

Here is some information about the series:

1st Place: 20 pts
2nd Place: 16 pts
3rd Place: 14 pts
4th Place: 12 pts
5th Place: 10 pts
6th Place: 9 pts
7th Place: 8 pts
8th Place: 7 pts
9th Place: 6 pts
10th Place: 5 pts
11th Place: 4 pts
12th Place: 3 pts
13th Place: 2 pts
14th Place: 1 pts

Pole Position: 2 pts
Fastest Lap: 1 pts

Each Race will have:
x6 Tyre Wear
x6 Fuel Consumption
Gr.1 Cars

Racing Calendar is as Follows:

April 4th: Brands Hatch GP (16 Laps)
April 11th: Autodromo Nazionale Monza (12 Laps)
April 18th: Autodrome Lago Maggiore GP (10 Laps)
April 25th: Nüburgring GP (12 Laps)
May 2nd: Brands Hatch Indy (22 Laps)
May 16th: Suzuka Circuit (12 Laps)
May 23rd: Mount Panorama Circuit (10 Laps)
May 30th: Kyoto Driving Park - Yamgiwa + Miyabi (10 Laps)
June 6th: Autódromo de Interlagos (16 Laps)

Each driver will be able to drop one of their worst rounds, this can count as a DNF or DNS.

Good Luck to all drivers that attend the qualifier. Remember, clean racing is more important to speed!