Muscle Cars that pop wheelies?

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Hey guys.

So I wanted to make a drag racer just for kicks, and decided I wanted it to pop wheelies. Obviously you need high power, and lots of weight on the rear.

Have any of you guys made a drag racer or muscle car in general that pops wheelies? If so, would you please post the car and the tune you used, as well as how you make it pop a wheelie (Nitro, no Nitro, etc.)?

Thanks in advance.
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Can the German WWII "jeep" (Wasserkampfwagen?) still do the stoppies and drive on the outer two wheels like it could in GT5?

That was the most fun I've had running around the track with a friend in Arcade mode.
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Any of the Rufs will wheelie, the Lancia Stratos will (regular and rally) the old fait 500 will wheelie. I have tried some muscle cars with no luck. I feel like the BMW 2002 was really close but i couldn't get it to do it.
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