My Buick-Special drift

That was a bad a$$ video.
The drifting was great and so was the music!
I think that is one of the best tracks for drift replays.
Im not really into Buicks, but i think i started to grow a mullet when i was watching that video!!! lol :dopey:

keep it up!!!

Check out my first Video here Art Official D Thread
Oh man! Two weeks ago I thought, 'What song in my music collection would I use in a GT4 drifting video, and Fuel was the first one I thought of.' And now you use it! You're just lucky I don't have a video capture card. . . . or the ability to drift!

Cool video. Good intro scene. And some nice drifts.
lol, I let it load and went back to homework, then it suddenly started playing and the volume was high... that motor kicking in scared the crap out of my cat :lol

I liked the spin too, looked awesome :) was going to make a drift vid with that car...oh well...I only did one lap with it and recorded it so...I'll just toss that idea :)
btw..the vid is downloading very slow..I have 3 meg internet speed so it shouldn't take so long..any way..nice vid
some good editing was seen in that film.
Beginning with the end or ending with the beginning is always a good choice. :)
Ow man, do I have little time to anwser this, I'd just like to say that I'm very sorry but I can't download many vids anymore because of the bandwith:( I'm also too busy to awnser much to GTP's forums......👎 So I just like to say that and I don't really know how long this is going to take, but just so that you know........

b.t.w. I love drifting buicks on pictures so this vid. must have been GREAT!!!!:sly:
SWEET! Good example of classic american muscle driftin, and the El Capitant (sp?) is a good setting for it too. Reminds me of some movie I saw a while back. 👍
After quite a few requests here are the settings for the buick

639 Hp

Exhaust: Racing
Computer: Equip
Na Tune: None
Tires: Sports Medium
Brakes Racing
Brake Balance: F:3 R:21

• Suspension: Racing
Spring: F: 4.2, R:4
Height: 67
Bounce: 8
Rebound: 8
Camber:F:3, R:0
Toe:F:0, R:0
Stabiliser: F:4, R:6

Fully Custom Tranny: Auto Set 10
Clutch:3 plate
Prop Shaft: Equip
Driving Aids: None
Fully Custom LSD: 15:50:15
Weight Balance F/R: -10

If u have trouble initiating a drift, hit the Nitrous :)