My First Vid

Here is my first full length video.
Its one lap w/ titles and music. I hit the grass once or twice but only to show that i'm human and not a frekg'n drift machine. Please only constructive critisism. NO JERKS!!! I had more fun editing the video than i did driving. But like i said this is my first video so only constructive critisism.
Thanks and enjoy...
Not bad. I liked the couple of big turns with the drifts you did, but some of the smaller turns, I didn't notice much drifting going on. Try to work on your angle's a little better too, and it'd be perfect!
Keep up the good job, and with a lil more practice, ya could be putting out some really sweet videos. 👍
hey nice video, you held a nice drive line, until the 2nd to last corner where u went off line. you could work on the beginning part of the section(after the first turn). some of them u jus gripped it
hey, good stuff S2000Freak

im gonna repeat a little bit of what these guys have already pointed out:

there were only about 4.5 drifts in this entire vid - and the style was a bit inconsitent. I'm going with the assumption that you are an exhibition drifter. In that case the technical section (sectors 1 and 2) need a bit more work. there was a very small amount of angle present through there, but you should definitely shoot for much much more. You can string some real pretty links through that section if you're smooth about it an pick a sensible line.

it looks like you have a good understanding of some basic technique and you have extremely smooth countersteering - just continue to build on that and work on your consistency through complex turns.

I think you know the fundamentals well. One mess up is nothing to be worried about, like you said we are all human. I think you are a bit conservative, you can get into your angle a bit earlier and hold it out longer until you exit. I would suggest try to add some feint motion into your enterance to get more angle, thus will help out with more smoke. I'm seeing a good mix of grip and drift in there, and I think from that, I would say you are doing more speed drifting than exhibition in this video. You get my attention with the car choice. :) Nice editing with the yellew background for the credits to match the color of the S2000.
i definatly understand about my angle and my grip. that was my first vid at editing and so forth. its my day off today and i'm going to try to crack another one out w/ a little more angle to stuff and i'll see what i can do to improve...but like i said thanks to everyone...