My Mini Cooper S Review and Tuning guide. A must read for anyone wanting one of these

Discussion in 'GT4 Race Reports' started by Brangeta, Mar 5, 2005.

  1. Brangeta


    Since I wrote this in MS Word and I didn't want to have to reformat it and do all this UBB code to underline and stuff, I just uploaded it as an htm webpage. Let me know what you think. And please... don't give me any BS about plugging my "website" or something, having it as an htm file was just more convenient for me and doesn't benefit me in any way...

    my Mini Cooper S review and tuning guide

    I wrote this as the result of a terrible time using the car in one of the tournaments.
  2. davygravy


    Although I do not have GT4 you should revise your suspension setting a little like setting the spring rate to 15.4/14.6, lowering the ride height and also changing the camber angle to 4.0/3.0

  3. h0ss


    That's incredibly handy. Thanks for going to all the trouble to get that information.
  4. gsrjedi


    Nice guide. If you're driving with the aids on, that may be why you're having trouble with the stock Cooper S. I find that, especially on low HP/low torque FF cars, the TCS seems to kill all acceleration. I haven't used Nitrous yet, so I don't know how that affects it.

    I agree that Hot Hatch league prize car sucked, I used a stock Audi A3 3.2 and won easily in that tournament and the Schwarzwald Liga A (or whatever it's called).
  5. robofunc


    I don't have this car in the game yet, but one thing that seems strange to me is that you're talking about a Cooper S. It comes with a supercharger stock, yet you have NA stage 3 tune on it — does the game give you no option to do a turbo/supercharcher upgrade? I'd think that'd be the best way to get more power from this car, rather than N/A and nitrous.