My thoughts about Forza Horizon 4 and future GT title

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I got Forza Horizon 4 for PC (after a new laptop bought) about 2 weeks and its true that i stuck with this lovely arcade racing game with a lovely car roaster. Well what all this about next Gran Turismo title? 1) Horizon has a nice roaster with no duplicates (something that GT likes to have). 2) Many events and tournaments (more depth in this section is needed) 3) More car manufacturers needed 4) Collaboration with TV shows like Top Gear or Best Motoring etc with special cars and rewards. And generally more on and offline content
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The main thing I'd like GT to copy from FH4 is the full permanent rivals leaderboards. So you'd have a full leaderboard for each of Gr.4, 3, 2, 1 and every N class for every track (with BoP on, i.e. relevant to sport mode). By "full" I mean everyone, not just a top 10, and with the ability to drive against any ghost from anywhere on the leaderboard.

It would be even nicer if they took it beyond what FH4 offers, and stored multiple performances per person to have their best performance with each car. So you'd be able to filter by one car, for example, and see everyone's best time with that car, or look at a list of a person's times to see all their Gr.3 times for that track. It's ironic that in a world where so many companies are so keen to hoover up every scrap of data they can, that driving games seem to have the opposite inclination.

Of course, this would also require them to get the BoP right from the start rather than still messing about with it for a huge number of cars years after release, as they'd have to wipe a car's times from the leaderboards every time its BoP changes.