Myogi's Tracks (Touge, Route, & Circuit replication)

Touge, Circuit, Point to point; I'll try to get them made.

Myogi's here to showcase some of the tracks I've made in GT6 Track Path Editor.

The tracks I've made are for both replication & series-purpose, as how I'd call it. Series purpose meaning that they are made for the sake of replicating tracks and routes for my series Supido no Densetsu (Speed Legend).

Now if the app would be upated to cater to one more theme like... City / Tokyo / Special Stage perhaps? then expect more to come.

The tracks are classified below:

A. Touge Tracks
Familiar with the Initial D series or the touge scene in general even from the likes of Kaido Battle? Well, I took the liberty of recreating some of them. Have fun drifting or recreating your favorite Initial D battles. Common theme is Andalucia.

1. Hakone - Toyo Tires Turnpike / Mt. Taikan - Downhill
featured in Initial D and Wangan Midnight Maximum Tune 5, this complex downhill, subdivided into a low and high speed section will test your balance between finding the right car to the right settings that caters to both portions of the map. Track is downscaled with varying elevations due to map editor restrictions. Roundabouts are not included.


Download Here

2. Hakone - Ashinoko Skyline / Kojiri Pass - Inbound
Introduced in Wangan Midnight Maximum Tune 2, the Ashinoko Skyline / Kojiri pass was the one touge map for the Wangan machines of the franchise. Partially infamous for various reasons, this map is primarily technical with a mix of uphill and downhill sections. You'll find yourself stuck in gears 2 and 3 mostly for 3/4 of the map but you may enjoy drifting through the complex chicanes. Map was created to scale. Map elevations are coincidental.


Download Here

B. World Circuits

This is a compilation of tracks of famed world circuits with a long history. If you guys have any recommended tracks, let me know and I'll try to recreate them. Currently there's one for now. Common theme is Eifel (Flat), Eifel

1. Autodromo Oscar Y Galvez N15SP - Buenos Aires, Argentina
The grand place where the Buenos Aires Grand Prix was held last 2009 - Autodromo Juan Oscar y Galvez is a historical track situated at the heart of Buenos Aires, Argentina - home to popular F1 figures and in F1 motorsports.

This track is replicated with the essence of Routes N9 and N15 combined - a good mix of high speed and technical sections. Due to the original Oscar Galvez carrying slight elevations which Eifel flat cannot provide, some banking areas were provided to cater to these features.

Carrying your car through the technical section would test your overall control of the car, but without sacrificing the huge high-speed oriented first section where the top speed could hit up to 350 km/h. The technical section may favor well to drift fans too.

Slightly upscaled version of the original track (6km originally)

The track was made to commemorate for the Supido no Densetsu Viaggio Grande Web Novel(<- Click the URL to be taken to the web novel) where the series protagonist, Tomogashi Kitsumoro & Team Japan gets to race with the Queen of Argentina, the Eve of World Racing, Adrianna Eizaguirre and her McLaren F1 GTR. The track holds a huge turning point in the protagonist's career which makes it special to the likes of me and followers of the Supido no Densetsu series.


Download Here

C. Point to Point

Although these maps are Touge tracks in essence, they are themed and created with the image of mountain routes outside of Japan. Common Theme is Andalucia, Eiffel, Death Valley.

*Coming soon*

I'll take the liberty of showcasing other people's tracks and credit them duly if their recreation is spot on; even if it is not to scale. These maps will have headers in Red with the creator in parenthesis next to the track's name. Have fun guys and don't forget to link this thread if you plan to showcase it on youtube videos and the like. "Glitched' maps are welcomed here. Comment below if you'd like your map to be showcased.

GT6 Track Path Editor done on iPAD2.
PSN: MyogiW34Games
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