Mystery about incorrect top speeds resolved

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I apologize if that issue is known as solved here, I am new to this forum and I will like to share my discovery with people who are dedicated to GT series.

Amount of horsepower are actually kilowatts at some cars. You need to use factor 74.6 % to calculate kilowatts when adjusting power. Some of the cars have also messed up gearbox with wrong gear rates, so you will have to repair them. You can find correct gear rates on

Example 1: Ferrari F40

If you repair gearbox with fully customizable transmission with realistic gear rates:
I 2.769
II 1.722
III 1.227
IV 0.963
V 0.767
Final drive ratio std:

And if you lower the power on 74.6%, so you can see 352 bhp (F40 has 352 kw), then Ferrari F40 will reach more or less realistic top speed 327 kmh.

Example 2: McLaren MP4-12C
I 3.98
II 2.61
III 1.9
IV 1.48
V 1.16
VI 0.91
VII 0.69
Final drive ratio std:

Power: 74.6%

You will reach 353 kmh. That, according to Wikipedia, is realistic top speed of MP4-12C Coupe. The Coupe (in reality) can do 218.61 mph (352 km/h).

Example 3: Maserati GranTurismo S
I 3.21
II 2.05
III 1.44
IV 1.11
V 0.9
VI 0.76
Final drive ratio std:

Power: 74.6%

Top speed: 298 kmh - realistic and entirely correct top speed.

Example 4: BMW M4

Warning: This car has DCT gearbox, so you will have to find gear rates for DCT and not manual gearbox. Here they are:

I 4.806
II 2.593
III 1.701
IV 1.277
V 1
VI 0.844
VII 0.671
Final drive ratio std:

Power: 74.6%

Top speed: 301 kmh. This is 9 kmh more then theoreticaly M4 could reach (292 kmh), but still very close.

Example 5: Ferrari 599 Fiorano
I 3.154
II 2.176
III 1.565
IV 1.185
V 0.935
VI 0.78
Final drive ratio std:

Power: 74.6%

Top speed: 335 kmh. Much more realistic then before.

However, there are still problems at some cars like 288 GTO and Cizeta V16T. GTO can do 326 kmh and Cizeta is reaching 339 kmh.
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Interesting. I had it figured as incorrect Cd Drag coefficient for most cars, but as you note it’s not a consistent error. And the cure,as it were, is to lower HP.