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    So I was out shopping for a replacement for FFX, as I am almost finished with the game, and I know that I will soon need to fill that void in my life. ;) I was after BloodWake for the Xbox, but after talking to the clerks at two stores, I decided to wait on that one... :(
    I had one of my friends with me, and while I was in Babbages I had an Epiphany. How sweet would it to have a Guncon Game like I had on the Dreamcast? So I asked what games they had, and there were two :O
    My choices were Time Crisis 2 and Vampire Night, both of which came with the Gun Controller. What to do, what to do... Well, while my friend had his back turned, and I bought both. :mischievous:
    When I showed him what I bought, he couldn't believe I had just bought two games, with 2 guns... until we hooked it up. ;)
    Vampire Night is a great game, that is very similar to Sega's "House of the Dead" series. With one excellent addition.... You can collect silver to buy more powerful weapons, and items.... :mischievous:
    Then we loaded up Time Crisis 2... At first we were dissapointed, because it shrinks two screens onto a letterboxed format on the Tv. This results in 2 unusually small screens (which is kind of necessary to the gameplay, but still a pain.)
    Then we began to play a different game mode... 1 player, double fisted gunner mode... We switched off between missions, but it was incredible playing the game with 2 guns, one in each hand.
    One word of Warning though, Gun games are quirky with Certain Tv's. I tried it on my HDtv first, and it didn't work. But it did on my Tube Tv (both Toshiba). Then I brought it over my friend house, and hooked it up to a HDtv Wega XBR, and that was a no-go as well. But it did work on his 32 inch Sony (regular Tv) Nonetheless, if you have an inkling to blow 100 bucks or so, I'd do this, it's definitely brought us a great amount of entertainment. (BTW, on the Tv's it was compatible to, the Guns were very accurate.) :D
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    Breathe Tom, Breathe lol :lol: :lol: :lol:
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    I'm glad I saw this (albeit a little late), which game did you like better? I can't drop $100 plus on both, but was thinking of getting Time Crisis 2. Can you buy the gun by itself, or do you have to get it with a game?