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NASCAR Racing 2003 Sub-forum?

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Yesterday, I heard about NASCAR Racing 2003, and how easy it is to Mod, as well as the thousands of Mods that are available for the game. Apparently, even though the game is 17 years old, there is a giant community behind it, and I think it deserves a place here.

Can this be done, or at least considered? I would love to get into the game, and having a spot to talk in here would be very, very helpful, especially if I'm looking for a specific Mod or two.


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There are long shots, and then there are long shots.

I think the best step you can take would be to make a dedicated NASCAR 2003 modding thread in the Console/PC gaming subforum. It's not the most flooded subforum on the site by a long margin and if there were enough genuine interest, your thread would more than likely stay alive in there.

If not, well, there's your answer. Good luck!
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At this point, a lot of people have been there and done that. There's no where near a strong enough community on GTP for NR2003, at least to actively drive. A lot of those who did it, or still do play, have also been members of other forums that are built around NR2003. And even then, a number of those have apparently gone dark over the years.