Nascar shootouts at daytona

United States
Adrian, Mich.
Starting tonight at around 6pm est., I will be hosting clean NASCAR shootouts at Daytona in my private lounge. Races will be between 7 and 15 laps. I run a very clean and strict room and am a good racer myself. So, if you are a good clean driver and want to have some fun and maybe share a few laughs, add my main account, cargorat323. This will be a nightly thing from 6pm est. till whenever. Rules of my room are as follows.
1. nascars only (duh)
2. stay in the pits
3. soft racing tires only
4. no pass under the yellow
5. mics preferred
6. rubbing is racing and I like it, but you don't need to intentionally take someone out for the win. theres always another race
These rules are strictly inforced as I don't have a tolorance for any stupid stuff. Thanks and lets have some good clean fun.