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From 0-3, to 6-3, and now 6-6... my Houston Rockets have been on quite the roller coaster ride. A winless road trip through California keeps the Rockets winless on the road. We should have won at the Clippers. But then, the Lakers and Warriors in a back-to-back didn't do any favors for us. We did, however, keep the scoring relatively close in all three of our latest losses.

While my Houston Rockets are on the losing skids, we are nowhere near as bad as the Detroit Pistons so far this season. Detroit is on a 12-game losing streak. Yes- you read right... 12 straight losses. That's a longer current losing streak than San Antonio's 9-game losing streak (currently 3-11, last in Western Conference) and Portland's 7-game losing streak (currently 3-10, 14th in the Western Conference). Detroit sits at 2-13 this season, the NBA's worst record right now.

Want a game to watch tonight? I'll show you tonight's schedule right here, right now:
  • TOR Raptors at ORL Magic
  • IND Pacers at ATL Hawks
  • CLE Cavaliers at PHI 76ers (NBA on TNT)
  • POR Trail Blazers at PHX Suns
  • UTA Jazz at LAL Lakers (NBA on TNT)

Go enjoy some basketball!
Did you know Orlando is on a 9-game winning streak? Orlando has shot its way up to 2nd in the Eastern Conference with their baller run of late. Do you believe in Magic? Well, you might want to, because they are currently 14-5 right now. Orlando is at the Brooklyn Nets tonight.

Now... the other end of the spectrum. Detroit is on a 16-game losing streak, sitting at 2-17- the worst record in the NBA right now. Their next opponent is the Cleveland Cavaliers in Detroit. I saw the San Antonio Spurs have the longest losing streak in the Western Conference- a 14-game losing streak for the Spurs. Seems like the Spurs need more than just Victor Wenbanyama.

Let me do you one better. Standings heading into today's games:

* = current play-in teams
! = (in Playoff Standings) lead their division

--- Standings Update (heading into: December 2, 2023) ---


ATLANTIC: Boston (15-4), PHI and NY (12-7 each), BKN (9-9), TOR (9-11)
CENTRAL: Milwaukee (13-6), IND (9-8), CLE (10-9), CHI (6-14), DET (2-17)
SOUTHEAST: Orlando (14-5), MIA (11-8), ATL (9-9), CHA (6-11), WAS (3-16)

NORTHWEST: Minnesota (14-4), DEN (14-6), OKC (12-6), POR (6-12), UTA (6-13)
PACIFIC: Sacramento (10-7), PHX (11-8), LAL (11-9), GS (9-10), LAC (8-10)
SOUTHWEST: Dallas (11-7), NO (11-9), HOU (8-8), MEM (5-13), SA (3-16)

We still have a long ways to go. Keep it up if your team(s) is/are doing well; get better if your team(s) is are/doing poorly.
The 2023-2024 Houston Rockets have lost eight road games this season. After starting 0-8 in road games, they finally win one on the road at the defending Champion Denver Nuggets last night. The final score was 114-106.

The two doormats so far this season have been Detroit and San Antonio. Detroit is now on a 19-game losing streak at an NBA-worst record of 2-20, and San Antonio is on a 16-game losing streak with a 3-18 record. Detroit will host the Indiana Pacers this Monday. My Houston Rockets will be hosting the Spurs this Monday. Assuming both Detroit and San Antonio extend their losing streaks, the Pistons and Spurs will meet on January 10, 2024 in Detroit to see whose losing ways will end.

Tonight is the Final of the NBA In-Season Tournament. Either the Los Angeles Lakers or Indiana Pacers will make history by winning this first-ever In-Season Tournament.
The winners of the first-ever NBA In-Season Tournament are...

the Los Angeles Lakers!

They won the NBA Cup convincingly, 123-109 over the Indiana Pacers tonight. All congratulations on the Lakers on making history with this first-ever NBA Cup tournament.
Will the NBA's longest current losing streaks be snapped? The Detroit Pacers (19 straight losses) host the Indiana Pacers, and the San Antonio Spurs (16 straight losses) are at the Houston Rockets.

* Houston defeated San Antonio 93-82, so the Spurs' losing streak goes to 17.

* The Detroit Pistons lost 132-123 to the visiting Indiana Pacers. Detroit's streak goes to 20 straight losses.

Detroit becomes the first team since the 2020-2021 Houston Rockets to lose 20 straight games. The all-time longest losing streaks in NBA history are held by the Philadelphia 76ers- 28 spanning two seasons (2014-2015 and 2015-2016), and 26 in a single season (2013-2014). In the weird circumstance that both teams keep losing, both the Spurs and Pistons will meet on January 10, 2024 in Detroit to determine whose losing streak ends.

[OMISSION] San Antonio's 17-game losing streak marks the longest losing streak in franchise history.
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Draymond Green is a bad boy. Last night, the Golden State Warriors played at the Phoenix Suns in a game televised on the NBA on TNT. D. Green already was back after choking Rudy Gobert. What does he do for an encore? Well, when Jusuf Nurkic was backing down Draymond Green, D. Green appears to swing his right arm wildly taking down Nurkic. The officials deemed it a Flagrant 2 foul after review, and D. Green was ejected from the game. The Phoenix Suns would end up beating the Golden State Warriors 119-116. Both teams are currently outside of the Top 6 in the West. Golden State is dead last in the Pacific Division at 10-13, 11th in the West; and the Phoenix Suns are 4th in the Pacific Division at 13-10, 8th in the West.

I think the NBA, the Warriors, or both have to do something about Draymond Green. With his track record, some slap-on-the-wrist penalty isn't going to cut it. Some say a suspension of at least 5 (or maybe even 25) games should be levied out on D. Green's actions. Whatever the case, this guy is just bad news. He'd probably last quite well in the '70s through '90s in the NBA, but he's too much in the 2020s.
San Antonio ended their losing streak; Detroit continues theirs.

San Antonio downed the hot Lakers 129-115 in San Antonio. Victor Wenbanyama had 13 points and 15 rebounds. The Spurs recently endured their longest losing streak in franchise history. Now, it's over as they won "one in a row!"

Now for the sad state of basketball affairs in Detroit. Whereas San Antonio had their longest losing streak in franchise history, Detroit just set a new record for most straight losses. The losing streak is now 22 as the Pistons got pummeled 124-92 at the Philadelphia 76ers. The Pistons are now at 2-23 on the 2023 season.

How did my Houston Rockets do? The Rockets won 104-96 at the Memphis Grizzlies. Road wins have been at a premium for Houston, so we'll gladly take any wins we can get on the road. The Rockets are now 13-9 on the season with a five-game winning streak. We're also 2nd in the Southwest Division. The Memphis Grizzlies, meanwhile, are 6-18, 4th in the Southwest Division, and on a four-game losing streak.

Congratulations to all other winners from tonight!

[UPDATE] Now 22 straight losses for the Detroit Pistons, not 21. Changes made.
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You know it's bad then even Wall Street talks about how bad a sports team is. That's what I heard when I saw an episode of "The Stephen A. Smith Show" last night on YouTube. He mentioned how the 2023 Detroit Pistons could be the worst NBA team of all time. At least, asked by Wall Street. The Detroit Pistons' losing streak is at 24 games now. The single-season loss record is at 26 (Philadelphia), and the longest ever losing streak is 28 (Philadelphia). The Pistons don't play again until tomorrow. Here are the final games of 2023 for Detroit:

  • Dec. 21: Utah
  • Dec. 23: at Brooklyn
  • Dec. 26: Brooklyn
  • Dec. 28: at Boston
  • Dec. 30: Toronto

Detroit could tie the regular season record if they lose to Utah and at Brooklyn. They'll have the all-time longest losing streak in the regular season if they lose to Brooklyn (after Christmas). If the losing streak continues, they would surpass even the total loss record if they lose to Toronto on December 30.

When 2024 starts, the Detroit Pistons will be at my Houston Rockets on New Year's Day. The Pistons and Rockets will meet again on January 12, 2024; this time, in Detroit (and apparently an ESPN-televised game). I don't want to speculate on the HOU/DET games. I'm sure I'll look silly hoping my beloved team doesn't fall victim to the Pistons. If my Houston Texans could lose at the Carolina Panthers for the Panthers' first win, I'm fearful the Pistons may beat my rebuilding Rockets to snap their losing streak.

Sad state of affairs in Detroit. Though, I'm sure most fans there are more concerned with the Lions of the NFL and the Red Wings of the NHL. Maybe some others are awaiting Detroit Tigers baseball even. Detroit Basketball not looking real good right now (to say mildly).

On different notes...

* Steph Curry's streak of consecutive games scoring a three-pointer came to an end at a staggering 268 games. That historic, record-breaking streak ended at the Portland Trail Blazers on December 17. Steph Curry also has the 2nd-longest 3-point scoring streak at 157 games. Golden State still managed to defeat Portland on the night his longest 3-point shooting streak ended by a score of 118-114.

* I was going to mention how Luka Doncic of the Dallas Mavericks scored the first-ever triple-double before halftime, but he isn't the first to do so. Luka Doncic achieved this feat against the Utah Jazz on December 6 of 2023. At halftime, Doncic had 29 points, 10 rebounds, and 10 assists en route to a 143-97 smashing of the Jazz in Dallas.

Hopefully your beloved NBA teams are doing well.
Merry Christmas, GTPlaneteers! Christmas and the National Basketball Association go hand-in-hand with a number of matches slated for Christmas Day. So while you're probably enjoying your gifts this Christmas (granted you been good), the NBA wants to offer its own gifts to you basketball fans. Here is how Christmas 2023 in the NBA looks like:

  • MIL Bucks at NY Knicks
  • GS Warriors at DEN Nuggets
  • BOS Celtics at LAL Lakers
  • PHI 76ers at MIA Heat
  • DAL Mavericks at PHX Suns

Fear not, mates... the NBA got you all day long! Enjoy today's and tonight's games should you be following and/or watching!
If the Detroit Pistons lose tonight hosting the Brooklyn Nets, they will hold the record as the longest single-season losing record in NBA history. They stand at 2-27 on the season, losers of 26 straight games. They've lost as many games as letters in the English alphabet so far.

Hopeful news if you are a Pistons fan is that teams haven't gone beyond 26 straight losses. The exception, though, for when the Philadelphia 76ers lost 28 straight games stemming from the previous season to the current season. A loss to Brooklyn tonight followed by losses at Boston on Thursday would tie the longest-ever losing streak at 28; and one last loss to Toronto on Saturday would means Detroit would hold BOTH losing records in NBA history. This would NOT be the way to end 2023.
HISTORY MADE! The Detroit Pistons' losing streak is now 27. They now have the longest single-season losing streak in NBA history. Their latest fail was a close game- 118-112 to the visiting Brooklyn Nets on Tuesday night. Unfortunately, still a loss for the boys from Detroit. They have two more chances this year to end their losing madness. It won't get any easier for Detroit when they are at the Boston Celtics on Thursday night.

MoTown's professional basketball team is singing the blues right now.
Twenty. Eight. Straight. Losses. For a moment, I thought the Detroit Pistons were going to snap that losing funk last night. They were up by about 12 points at the half. Then eventually, the Boston Celtics would tie the game and send it into Overtime. Boston improved to 15-0 at home and extended Detroit's long losing streak. Detroit has one last chance in 2023 to snap the losing streak, and it will be at home against the Toronto Raptors on Saturday night. If Detroit drops this one tomorrow evening, this team will hold BOTH NBA losing records- single season and combined losing streak.

Meanwhile, my Houston Rockets got a BIG task ahead of them- we're hosting the Philadelphia 76ers tonight, whom have been straight balling this season. The Houston Rockets have hit the skids again, losing a back-to-back after winning a back-to-back. We're 15-14, 3rd in the Southwest Division behind Dallas and New Orleans, both tied at 18-14.
This is not a drill...


The brutality of Detroit Pistons' basketball in 2023-2024 is over. Detroit avoids claiming both NBA losing streak records by taking down the Toronto Raptors 129-127 in Detroit. ONE IN A ROW! If the Pistons lost tonight, they'd claim the all-time combined losing streak record in addition to the longest single-season losing streak all-time. Their record improves to 3-29 on the season, and they ended their 28-game losing streak.

I'm actually a bit happy because I'm concerned the Detroit Pistons had a chance at ending their losing streak at the expense of my Houston Rockets next on New Year's Day. However, I don't want my Rockets to be victims to this Pistons team. All congratulations to the Detroit Pistons and their fans on ending this losing funk finally.

Let me update the standings heading into today's games...

* = current play-in team

--- EASTERN CONFERENCE STANDINGS (as of: January 1, 2024) ---
ATLANTIC: Boston (26-6), PHI (22-10), NY (17-15), BKN (15-18), TOR (12-20)
CENTRAL: Milwaukee (24-8), CLE (18-14), IND (17-14), CHI (15-19), DET (3-29)
SOUTHEAST: Miami and Orlando (19-13 each), Atlanta (13-19), CHA (7-23), WAS (6-26)

--- WESTERN CONFERENCE STANDINGS (as of: January 1, 2024) ---
NORTHWEST: Minnesota (24-7), OKC (22-9), DEN (23-11), UTA (14-19), POR (9-22)
PACIFIC: Los Angeles Clippers and Sacramento (19-12), PHX (17-15), LAL (17-17), GS (15-17)
SOUTHWEST: Dallas and New Orleans (19-14 each), HOU (15-15), MEM (10-22), SA (5-27)

Man... Minnesota been balling. Boston looks impressive. Still a ways to go before we determine the contenders from the pretenders. Keep playing hard!
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"Where's the defense?" For the first time in NBA history, five teams scored 140+ points on the same day. Those teams:

(! = won game)
  • UTA Jazz! (154 pts.)
  • DET Pistons (148 pts.)
  • IND Pacers! (141 pts.)
  • ATL Hawks! (141 pts.)
  • CLE Cavaliers (140 pts.)

Over 10 teams scored 130+ points last night as well. I remembered an NBA All-Star Game had about both teams score 160 points. Scoring and pace have intensified the past 5-10 years. It would be improbable, but can you imagine if a team scores maybe 200 points in a game? The most points scored in any basketball game at any level that I can remember was 168 points. Wild scoring in the NBA.

Speaking of All-Stars, be sure to vote your favorite player(s) to play in this season's All-Star Game next month. I'd make the case for Alperen Sengun of my Houston Rockets. Sengun has been utilized better with Ime Udoka than when Stephen Silas was coaching the Rockets. Sengun isn't Hakeem Olajuwon or Yao Ming, but he's been a solid center for the Rockets.

And the season rolls on...

By the way... I'd like to wish Ricky Rubio well in his retirement. He's hanging it up after 12 seasons of NBA service. He is retiring because of health concerns.
According to Breaking News on ESPN, Draymond Green has been recently reinstated from suspension. Hopefully this guy learns from his roughneck play and plays nice. Or maybe not...
The Houston Rockets ALMOST lost to a 3-35 team tonight. Detroit Pistons had a chance to make the Rockets suffer rock bottom with 6.6 seconds left in the game. The Pistons saw a three pointer go in... then out. That then followed with a missed put back attempt. The Rockets ended up surviving 112-110 to the worst team in the NBA in the 2023-2024 season. Next up is a trip to the Eastern Conference leading, best record in the NBA, and undefeated at home Boston Celtics tomorrow night. Whew...

Oh, and the Detroit Pistons are now 3-36 on the season with a seven-game losing streak. Houston improves to 19-18 with their win.

By the way, take a look at these scores from Thursday:

(scores from: January 11, 2024)
  • BKN Nets at CLE Cavaliers (111-102; Cleveland)
  • BOS Celtics at MIL Bucks (135-102; Milwaukee)
  • POR Trail Blazers at OKC Thunder (139-77; Oklahoma City)
  • NY Knicks at DAL Mavericks (128-124; Dallas)
  • PHX Suns at LAL Lakers (127-108; Phoenix)

The game on the NBA on TNT last night was the Celtics at Bucks. Can you believe the beating was so bad that TNT turned away late to show another game? Three beat downs last night, including the aforementioned BOS at MIL game. Ouch.
The Boston Celtics were finally bested at home. The defending champion Denver Nuggets took down the Celtics on Friday with a 102-100 victory in Boston. Boston still holds the NBA's best record at 32-10. Their next game is at my Houston Rockets tomorrow night.
Adrian Griffin got fired as coach of the Milwaukee Bucks after 43 games. You might be wondering... aren't the Bucks doing very well? Yes they are! You wouldn't fire a head coach when your team is 30-13, would you? It had to be something shady or something behind-the-scenes that led to his firing.

On a different note, two NBA players showed up and showed out last night with awesome performances. Joel Embiid went straight beast putting up 70 points and 18 rebounds on the last-place West San Antonio Spurs. Philadelphia won that game 133-123 in Philadelphia. The other baller from last night was Karl Anthony Towns, who knocked down 62 points for the Minnesota Timberwolves hosting the Charlotte Hornets. However, the Minnesota Timberwolves LOST to the Charlotte Hornets 128-125. Yesterday was the first time since April 8, 1978 that multiple players scored 60+ points on the same day. Funny enough on January 22, it was also the day Kobe Bryant of the Los Angeles Lakers smashed the Toronto Raptors putting up 81 points.

You all keep watching and enjoying NBA basketball! :)

[UPDATE] Apparently, the team was unhappy with the defensive effort by the Milwaukee Bucks despite the very good record. So Adrian Griffin (a first year head coach, by the way) got canned because of the Bucks' defense, not Griffin's winning record. X/Twitter had a trending topic of "They're 30-13" regarding this firing. Being the negative and toxic realm X/Twitter can be, the top-trended result of "They're 30-13" was something adult entertainment related. But anyhow... the poor defensive effort coaching is what lead to A. Griffin's firing as head coach.
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Three teams are still south of 10 wins on the 2023-2024 NBA season. Meet them:

  • SA Spurs (8-36)
  • WAS Wizards (7-36)
  • DET Pistons (5-39)

It is sad the fall from grace for the San Antonio Spurs over the past few years. I am not a Spurs fan, but I very respect them for fielding a top-level NBA team in a small market like San Antonio. The black and silver boys are the only Western Conference team with a single-digit amount of wins so far. They are basically letting Victor Wenbanyama cook to eventually return to being contenders again. I've been sick of hearing my fellow Houston Rockets fans wanting Wenbanyama during the latest NBA Draft. Victor Wenbanyama has been pretty good, but his team still stinks. The Spurs are 8-36 and dead last in the Southwest Division of the Western Conference. They have also lost back-to-back games now. Their next game is tomorrow vs. a team my Rockets should have beaten in regulation last night instead of losing in Overtime- the Portland Trail Blazers.

Washington recently fired its head coach, Wes Unseld Jr. The Wizards even lost to Detroit on January 15 (my birthday!) earlier this year 129-117. The Wiz will take on the Utah Jazz in Washington, D.C. tonight for their next game. The Washington Wizards have lost five straight games and are dead last in the Southeast Division of the Eastern Conference.

And then... Detroit. I'm sure most of Detroit is following the NFL's Lions and NHL's Red Wings than the 5-39 Pistons. Some even may be awaiting Detroit Tigers baseball. Detroit has won one in a row! The Pistons' next opponent is at home against the Washington Wizards this Saturday.

That's all for this post. Enjoy your NBA basketball!
Watched some of the Heat v Celtics game. I love the Rozier trade, but, man, the Heat have no answer for size. The celtics put out Prozingis and Kornet at one point with Tatum and Brown towering over our guards. They can't defend that. I don't think I've ever seen a game where both teams are shooting 60% from the field but somehow it's still a 33-point blowout. :lol:
Boston been ballin', Omnis. They'll wreck almost anybody. Your Heat, my Rockets, almost anybody. I saw some of Celtics at Heat earlier tonight. Who knows? That could be an Eastern Conference Finals preview.
My Houston Rockets won big at the lowly Charlotte Hornets on Friday. However, they lost at the Brooklyn Nets 106-104 despite being down by as much as 20. I still have Houston as a Play-In team. Their record now is 21-24. They host the Los Angeles Lakers next coming this Monday.

It was not the hottest matchup last night, but the Washington Wizards won 118-104 at the Detroit Pistons. I head this game had a combined winning percentage of .136 for this game. WAS is now 8-37 on the season. DET is now 5-40. Two more losses for Detroit, and they'll be assured a losing record on the 2023-2024 NBA season.

If you haven't heard the NBA All-Stars, here is how this season's All-Star Game looks:

  • Luka Doncic
  • Kevin Durant
  • Shai Gilgeous-Alexander
  • LeBron James (Captain)
  • Nikola Jocic

  • Giannis Antetokounmpo (Captain)
  • Joel Embiid
  • Tyrese Haliburton
  • Damian Lillard
  • Jayson Tatum

The 2023-2024 NBA Season All-Star Game happens the weekend of February 16-18 in Indianapolis, IN.
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Great move! Unfortunately, though, the Miami Heat got iced again. Seven straight losses now for Miami- the longest losing streak under Eric Spolestra. I don't know what's going on in Miami, but it's a rocky road for the Heat right now as they fall to 24-23.

Meanwhile, my Houston Rockets put a 135-119 takedown on the Los Angeles Lakers. Assuming this is the season series, we split the Lakers. So all we can hope for is that we don't get tied with the Lakers in the playoff rankings. Houston is 3rd in the Southwest Division, and the Lakers are 4th in the Pacific Division.
The Los Angeles Lakers and the Boston Celtics are playing right now. Can you believe this is the 300th regular season meeting between these two storied franchises? There are no shortage of Hall of Famers and all-time greats for both of these teams playing right now in Boston.
I want to congratulate Shaquille O'Neal getting his jersey retired with the Orlando Magic. Shaq's No. 32 jersey for Orlando was retired earlier tonight. He also had his number retired with the Lakers and the Heat. Shaq is one of few NBA players to have his jersey retired with three different franchises, including the likes of Bill Russell, Wilt Chamberlain, and Pete Maravich.
The NBA All-Star Weekend is here! Before we get to the All-Star fun, here is a Standings Update. Find your favorite team(s):

* = current Play-In Tournament team

--- EASTERN CONFERENCE (as of: February 16, 2023) ---
ATLANTIC: Boston (43-12), NY and PHI (32-22 each), BKN (21-33), TOR (19-36)
CENTRAL: Cleveland (36-21), MIL (35-21), IND (31-25), CHI (26-29), DET (8-46)
SOUTHEAST: Miami and Orlando (30-25 each), ATL (24-31), CHA (13-41), WAS (9-45)

--- WESTERN CONFERENCE (as of: February 16, 2023) ---
NORTHWEST: Minnesota (39-16), OKC (37-17), DEN (36-19), UTA (26-30), POR (15-39)
PACIFIC: Los Angeles Clippers (36-17), PHX (33-22), SAC (31-23), LAL (30-26), GS (27-26)
SOUTHWEST: New Orleans (33-22), DAL (32-23), HOU (24-30), MEM (20-36), SA (11-44)

It's sad Detroit and Washington are still south of 10 wins on the season. Meanwhile, the state of Florida leads the Southeast Division. All three Texas teams are south of the Playoffs cutoff, but Dallas is currently a Play-In team. And remember when the Clippers were sorry and getting hated on? Now they lead the Pacific Division.

There is still a ways to go, but enjoy the All-Star Break and the rest of this season!

[UPDATE] There were other games this Friday. NOT the All-Star Break yet. Changes made.
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I'm sorry I forgot to hype up the NBA All-Star Game this past weekend. But according to what some people thought of it, maybe I should have not hyped it up. That is because NBA fans have viewed the 2024 NBA All-Star Game as the worst game ever. Take a look at this article that includes some of the social media comments people made about this All-Star Game:

Wow. Well, it's over now. Back to business. Time to resume the push towards the playoffs and trying to hoist the O'Brien Trophy as Champions. Just about all teams will be back in action around this Thursday.

By the way, the East All-Stars defeated the West All-Stars 211-186 last night in the All-Star Game.