Need for Speed Announcement Expected Monday, October 5

Didn't played original, so have a question, how online works? It it the same lobby with 30? players, whoever they are cops or racers, and people can continuously chase each other, or?
8 player lobby. This should give you an idea of the game modes included:

Hot Pursuit
Hot Pursuit is made up of two teams with up to eight total players for a cops and racers session.

Cops have to bust all racers before any of them reach the finish line.
Cops only win if all racers are busted without allowing any of them to reach the finish line.
Racers have to reach the finish line without being busted by the cops or wrecking.
Participating racers are competing against each other as they race to the finish line.
Cops lose if any racers reach the finish line, but racer rewards are based upon their finishing position.

Race is made up to eight total players in a single racer-only session.

Players compete against each other with the winner being the first to reach the finish line.

Interceptor is made up of two teams requiring two players for a cops and racers session.

The engagement range, shown as a red and blue alternating circle on the mini-map, highlights the area in which the cop is in pursuit of a racer. A racer leaving that circle will enter 'cooldown', and will have to remain undetected by the cop for 30 seconds to escape. Cops can re-engage with the racer suspect if they can get their vehicle within range again before the racer can escape through cooldown.

Either participant can also win by wrecking their opponent.

Most Wanted
Up to 8 players are split into 2 teams; Racers and Cops with equipment being made available to both sides.

The racer team has to protect a member of their team marked as "Most Wanted" as the cop team has to wreck the racer marked as "Most Wanted."

Arms Race
Up to 8 racers compete to see who is the fastest along a route with equipment being made available to all racers.

The winner is the racer that crosses the finish line in pole position. A wrecked racer will not be able to finish the event and cops also randomly deploy roadblocks and helicopters along the route.
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I'm not surprised that the announcement wasn't for a new game. It'd be highly unusual for a new NFS game to get announced in any month that isn't May/June. And besides that, I think it'd be daft to reveal a new game and not have any time to offer promotional material and teases. I think that's why a May/June release works better - gives a lot more time to drip-feed promotional materials and more information on the game.
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