Need for speed Shift 2 Patch 1.2

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This is the tread for a "patch" for the need for speed Shift 2, this patch has 2 purposes:
1.- Solve a lot of balancing and realism issues the game have (tires, engine curves, gearing, light aero changes etc.) and some minor issues.
2.- Standardize the data so the game can be more stable during the implementation of mods with the in-game data
If you have some question about this mod/patch ask here:
NFS Shift 2 Patch 1.2 + Mod thread

If you had some question about the mods, I'm going to try to answer in the best way i can here:
Because of some issues with the thread i make a new one with more technical aspect of the mod, here im going to put reviews and videos of the mod, so i don't abandon it for too long (i hope)
Now because of the bad optimization and insane amount of issues that can happen here is a discord link where i am more active than here
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The first thing you need to know is that this patch only works with the unpacked version, if i can (which is unlikely) I'm going to pack it after i finished it but for now only works unpacked, so here I'm going to put the links to unpatch the game
Guide: or
An for those who had the unpacked game, this patch is not compatible with ptmu, g-tyres or any mod for now, I am trying to adapt the most features of both physics engines so be patient, the compatible mods are going to be in the following list:

And BTW the exe is not compatible with origin and 1 piece copies so delete it before installing it
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After you finish to unpatch the game i suggest to install the following mod in the following order, if you use a ps controller replace the xbox one for the ps3 one
Captura de pantalla (5).png
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After some time i finally finish the b class of the patch, tbh i don't expect that this class had more "s class cars" (those cars with an ip of 2k or more) than the a class.
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An updated image (now obsolete) of the order of the mods, the colors are pretty much the same, red obligatory, yellow optional and green unnecessary, but now the blue one is the patch.

Simple spoiler
2019-06-30 (4)_LI.jpg
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Hi to all of those who read this thread, initially i didn't expect to need some help, but my luck is awful.
Long story short i need some archives of the unmoded game i cant have access now.
To all the guys that have the origin version, I need a copy of the following files:
Need For Speed Shift 2/Pakfiles/Vehicles/Koenigsegg_Agera_Cockpit.bff
Need For Speed Shift 2/Pakfiles/Vehicles/Koenigsegg_Agera.bff
Need For Speed Shift 2/Pakfiles/Vehicles/Alfa_Romeo_8C_Spider_KIT03.bff
Need For Speed Shift 2/Pakfiles/Vehicles/Alfa_Romeo_8C_Spider.bff
Need For Speed Shift 2/SHIFT2U.exe

And for the steam players I need a copy of the following files:
Need For Speed Shift 2/Pakfiles/IDEMOGPHASEACTIVATE.bff
Need For Speed Shift 2/Pakfiles/DemoMenuTextures.bff
Need For Speed Shift 2/Pakfiles/DemoMenuSetup.bff

This are the files you need to replace and delete respectively of the game in steam to make the online work, the problem is that the unpacked game has the incorrect files too (the steam ones) so i need all the archives to see what is wrong with these files in the unpacked version and modify it, so i hope someone can help me with these
Hi, I'm still alive, so this thread too, Between some personal things and be distracted too much with simpleplanes (good game but you need a lot of time to build something decent) I slowed down a lot, this adding that the C and D classes are gigantic compared with A and specially the B class it looks like I abandoned this.
So to maintain half-alive this thread I'm going to start writing some impressions of the cars, as well to some details modified in some specific cars
Ford GT40

The Ford gt40 is a nice car, relative agile with a good acceleration and decent top speed (300 km/h or 180 mph), but because its Cd its very high, it limited the top speed.

Fortunately the cars was ready to accept upgrades, now with some tweaks the car can be upgraded except the wheels making the car an acceleration monster, even with only 320 km/h of top speed (200 mph) the car can easily surpass the acceleration of the Bugatti Veyron, the maxed handling upgrades makes the car slightly better but with a more nervous handling, making the car a good overall choice for that races it can enter (now muscle included) but it excels in long-straight roads like Brno or Road America.
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Caterham 7 Superlight R500

The next car to review is the Caterham, as one expect is a nimble, agile car, but with the new inertia values is more nervous than before, it has a good accel, but its major problem is that is a 4-wheeled brick, don't expect that in the stock form go to its top speed (240 km/h or 150 mph).
The original race form doesn't solve nothing only make the car faster, so i modified some data, now instead of the anemic 350 CV of the original race car, now the car has a healthy 540-ish CV so now the car is a very powerful one.

Now in the stock form the car is a nervous one but at the end in the race mods, that transforms in pure hostility towards you, now the car hates you and is going to take any chance to kill you. And now when the car start to jump, it wants to be a CLR so be careful in bumpy roads with jumps like Shangai

Despite all of the previous flaws, is by far the funniest non-modded car i tested until now, even if the car goes in a spawn of a few seconds to go full grip, to no grip in the rear wheels to want to french kiss a wall, and not in that exact order.

(A gentlemen battle)
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The next car was supposed to be the Alfa Romeo 8C but the only thing i can say is that is a "meh" car that is represented by the following phrase: If you want a car that reach the podium buy this car, if you want to win races buy something else.
So.... next car

From a light and nimble British car to an a German boat, surprisingly both cars has similar performance but are completely opposites, the BMW has a surprisingly high grip and now the car has something that the caterham doesn't have, power.
Even if doesn't have a lot of power compared to the S class monsters, thanks to its low Cd can keep up with a lot of the cars of the category and even has one of the highest top speed of the GTX category, only beaten by a couple of cars, and the highest in its class.

Here I'm beating a modified lambo... uphill with the stock weight

Even if the car sound good on paper it has its flaws, the worst of the is the terrible brakes, even if are good, in a couple of minutes the brake rotors are melting, even when the brakes are almost 50% better that the og modified ones, so this car is a little bit bad in street and small tracks, it can handle in general 2 or 3 laps but after that the car refuses to brake.
The other flaw i found is that sometime the car suspension is too soft for its own good, but that is nothing that a tune can help.

In conclusion other good car to drive, this is more tamed than the caterham but it has similar performance
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Maserati Gran Turismo S

I'm not going to talk about much of this car, primarily because i have to check the engine swap, but the other reason is because this car is boring as hell.
In its stock form is an under powered, heavy as hell car that doesn't going to win anything, at least the Alfas can secure you a third place but this is almost certain that you are going to finish 4th or 5th if you have luck.
So if this car is so horrible, why I am making a review of this instead of the Alfas? Well that's because of it race form.

Even with an horrible engine the car can be a decent one in its race form, sure you're going to win only by a miracle but at least you can fight, the only thing apart from everything that can hold it down is it tires so be careful with that
Conclusion: Don't buy this
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Aston Martin V8 Vantage

In Almost 40 cars that I checked and make some modifications, there are a couple of car that it really looks like the devs were working with their butt (the expression sound "better" in Spanish (que trabajan con las nalgas)) that I need to entirely had to remake something, in almost all cases the engine, this is one of those.
For almost all the cars that looks like this i can make an exception because there are race cars, but sometimes there are some extremely stupid choices that i cannot pass, cough, cough ... Z4 GT3.
But enough with the rant, so to the car.
To be honest i don't like a lot the British cars, but with this I have to praise the engineers of the engine, so it can keep a lot of its torque until the rev limit, this added with a well balanced weight makes the car a very stable one, is not a potent car, but it can brake and turn very well.

Because of the torque curve, the car begged for a supercharger, but for some reason has a turbo, so to avoid the car win a lot of power in its race form, i make a new, small supercharger, the result? 2 seconds faster in Nordschleife than with the turbo, so now in its race form is a very capable one, but because a high Cd, and a short gearing the car can barely has 200mph in top speed (320 km/h) so is not exactly a good choice for tracks with longs straights, and even if it has a very good grip the MP4 destroys him in turns, so defend very well in the turns if you challenge one of these cars.

So my recommendation is to use this one in medium length tracks, if you want a British car with similar ip for long tracks, use the DBS Volante
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Ford Shelby Mustang GT500

Well now we are on low b class (surprisingly I expect that the car stay in high c) so this is the next car.
This car was a annoying one to found info, because there was a lot but all the data was different in a slightly way, so I use the ol' reliable, use the data on Wikipedia.
This one has an interesting one because this specific version has an electronic switch of 155mph, but because this is a video game that kind of switches are useless (same applies to the sl65) but thanks to an article i forgot the name i can have the real top speed that it was 185 mph aprox.

This is good and bad in it's own way, because provides the car with a massive acceleration, but because this is a muscle car and this car has an horrible weight distribution (58 F/42 R) this make a car horrible to drive, or more specifically, horrible to turn, brake, make slaloms (seriously , you need to file an application to change from direction) etc, etc

(An imminent disaster incoming)
In its race form at least the car don't want to crash into a crowd, but that doesn't mean that the car still wants to turn, in general the car is a bad one, it can win races, but only if the race is in a long straight

So that bring me to this point, even if the car is horrible turning that doesn't matter, because in a 1/4 mile race you don't need to turn, and despite being a heavy RWD car the car is a monster in this discipline, at least in the test i make.
In it's level 4 form (all upgrades before the race conversion) with the stock configuration the car can make low 10's in the best runs, maintaining mid 10's, with nitro the car barely surpass the 9 second mark an its race form it can make low 9's, obviously this thing can't win vs the drag boss (i modified it so now at its best can make mid 8's) but is a very good drag car.
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Hey i do it right u Show on the picture...but the gt40 is still not upgradeable...hope u can make other cars make to upgrade how can not I find out that everything is working like yours?
Thank u for te whole work and restoration...still best
racing game out there
Hey i do it right u Show on the picture...but the gt40 is still not upgradeable...hope u can make other cars make to upgrade how can not I find out that everything is working like yours?
Thank u for te whole work and restoration...still best racing game out there
That's because I upgrade the file when i finish a class, but this time I think im going to put in the half, so when i put the review of the camaro shortly after im going to upload the upgrade
Wow...i find out that i have do slmeru6ing wrong...and all u stuff was nor got it right..I must say
..its awesome...I can finally drive all cars like it must be...with a wheel...full game ever...could u say how I can upgrade cars who are not upgradeable? Or could u do a new update? Its kind of amazing what h do with the game...u know about that career mod? It's a big mod with cool damage system and alot more...maybe u could take some thing from that mode...thank u so much for u work
Could u say how I can upgrade cars who are not upgradeable?
That depends of the data of the vehicle, and because almost all vehicles has a very similar sheet is certain that almost all the cars has the ability to be upgraded, the exceptions are the gtx and gt cars. and as i said i need to solve more cars but after i post the camaro review i update the mod.

You know about that career mod? It's a big mod with cool damage system and alot more...maybe u could take some thing from that mode.

I'm not exactly sure about the mod you're talking about, and probably i don't have it, because of the dead of nogrip and the backstabbing of raceroom
Ford Shelby Terlingua Mustang

And finally the first C class of the game (blow party horn), and in a related note this is me when i discovered this.

So this is the second mustang in the game an boy this was a surprise.
For context, this is tribute from the shelby race team make in the 60's and basically is a supercharged v6 mustang and i know that it sound bad but is surprisingly not.
Because of the V6 the car has a way better weight distribution vs the GT500 and it can take better the corners
And now thanks to a bit of luck we have NEW COLORS for the car, for now its only the white rabbit and and the silver version, but later I'm going to add the gold, yellow and black versions.

If I praised the British engineers for the torque curve of the vantage, the Shelby engineers need an standing ovation for the basically the flat torque curve of the car making the car a very predictable and consequently, a more stable car.
And all of this it gets better in its maxed out version, because with all the engine upgrades it looks like they installed a Triton under the hood, giving it a massive acceleration (and arguably better than the GT500)

But unfortunately not all is beautiful and it has it's (predictable) flaws
First of all is their horrible brakes, this ones are the exact opposite of the M6, at least without modifications, it can withstand a lot of punish, but are horrible braking, locking it very easily.
And the other one is that sometimes the car remembers that is a muscle car and refuses to turn from time to time, so be careful with that

Finally we need to talk about 1/4 times, because muscle car, so my results maxed out are:

Low 11's without nitro
Mid 10's with nitro

So in general a good overall car, very fun to drive and a good choice in the B class
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1) Career mode Features


· qualifying sesions for each career race (class D and class C so far)

· custom made posters for the new event sets by Nachtwache and me

· 11 to 16 cars on the grid in each career race

· ai uses racing vinyls for the season and league events

· slower profile leveling

· limited edition events unlocked as you level up

· limited edition cars to buy in the car lot

· the money you get from quick races was multiplied by 10 so 2000 for 1st place 1400 for 2nd and so on

· a league chamionship for modern c and retro c classes unlocked after you finish enough events in that class

· disqualification for reckless driving in races

· you won't be able to continue the race if you smash your car hard against the wall or another car

· limited edition, eliminator and hot lap gauntlet fully integrated into their performance classes (meaning that class d performance LE races are selectable from class d etc.)

· dlc legend , dlc 3 cars are in the car lot and have prices

· dlc speedhunters cars unlocked as you level up and unlocked for winning league championship and season races

· drag and standing mile career events made a lot tougher and with increased prize money

· 58 races on 37 different tracks in class D

· 104 races in class C on 49 different tracks

· all vinyls and paint kinds unlocked from the start of career to costumize your car, also there are a few additional vinyl categories available that couldn't be unlocked in the original game for some reason

· reworked carrer layout:

-1st branch - Class D, Drag, Standing mile, Legends

-2nd branch - Class C invitational

-3rd branch - Modern C, Drift, Retro C

-4rd branch - Class B Invitational

-5th branch - Modern B ,TimeAttack

-6th branch - Muscle, Class A invitational

-7th branch - Modern A, Endurance

-8th branch - GT3, Works, Retro GTX

-9th branch - GT1

-drag, standing mile and legends will appear under class d when you reach :

-level 5 for drag

-level 6 for stanfing mile

-level 8 for legends


2) Physics Features


· real torque, hp, weight, gear ratios, for all the game cars

· updated menu stats reflecting the above + 0-62 acceleration, 62-0, top speed values

· recalculated inertia values based on the real car weight, it's wheelbase, front track, rear track and engine placement

· updated performance index values for stock, upgraded, race, engine swapped cars

· individuall upgrade files for each car

· engine related upgrades are less powerfull and adjusted towards the PI rating increases

· updated menu stats for all the upgraded cars and race cars ,when upgraded each value will show what the car can actually do right now(0-62; 62-0; top speed) and its new power

· Fixes all the upgrade issues reported for the game, like the broken J-port upgrade for rotary engines

· if your car hits the top speed too fast with the stock gear ratios, buying a level 3 trany will add new adjusted gear ratios for an optimal top speed (ex. engine swapped golf mk1)

· reduced the global tire grip from 1.20 to 1.05

· adjusted aerodynamics to match each car and the aerodynamic parts it has installed

· more realistic settings for the aerodynamics in the tuning screen ( less "ticks" for the front wing vs rear wing + if you can't see any aero parts on a car then no adjustments are available.

· increased tire stiffnes for a more responsive handling

· new slip curves for car tires

· adjusted tire heating values for each car to ensure that the tires don't overheat with the new slip curves and tire stiffness values

· car left right sway (oscilation effect) greatly reduced for all the game cars

· increased curb grip (so you can use them to corner)


3) AI and other Features


· keep in mind that the only playable events in this version are the class d events, modern c invitational events and retro c events

· best line adjusted to show the fastest path around the tracks

· adjusted AI paths

· adjusted AI braking distances and cornering speeds for each turn of each circuit

· improved AI starting reactions

· The Hard Ai is adjusted to match my racing performance both for career mode and quick race

· the AI was adjusted individually for each car and track to accurately match the players performance (AI adjustments per track are not finished yet - some tracks not included yet)

· new scenes for the race ending where the driver shows a winning gesture when won or a loosing gesture when lost

· removed speed depth of field(optional)

· removed collision greyscale(optional)

· removed collision stickiness

· better naming system for the cars: ex. 1983 Volkswagen Golf GTI 1800 (Mk1)

· Nitrous replaced with KERS - 6.67s of boost time, recharges after 2-3 mins)

· works cars added as new standalone race cars

· race cars added to the GTX class, so you can have a race against "race cars only" in quick race mode when selecting "same class" option

· All Race cars can have KERS installed via upgrades (doesn't include gt3 and gt1)

· All Race cars use slick tire textures (Michelin, Dunlop)

· All cars above class C can have KERS installed

· many texture fixes for vanilla game cars

· adjusted tire sounds

· adjusted transmission sounds

· a fix for the broken speedometers of the audi cars, the vw cars, seat leon cupra, bentley continetal

· added a body part to the alfa 8c spider which was missing when upgrading to level 3 cockpit

· a fix for the flickering interior guages of the dlc3 cars

· each valvetrain upgrade will increase your revlimit + adjusted engine sounds to go with it

· menu stats don't show a torque and hp increase from installing a flywheel

· menu stats don't show a torque and hp increase from installing KERS

· new hud KERS icon that looks like a battery instead of a NOS bottle

· The AI has been overhauled on the following tracks:

- alpental

- ambush canyon

- autopolis lakeside

- autopolis gp

- brands hatch gp

- brno

- dijon-prenois short

- dijon-prenois gp

- zolder

- catalunya national

- catalunya gp

- spa

- Dakota gp

- donington national

- donington gp

- dubai club

- dubai national

- dubai international

- dubai gp

- ebisu west

- ebisu touge

- ebisu south

- enna pergusa

- hockenheim short

- hockenheim national

- hockenheim gp

- hockenheim 1982

- london club

- london river

- london royal mile

- london embankment loop

- laguna seca

- miami biscayne boulevard

- Miami bayside run

- monza jr

- monza gp

- oschersleben b

- oschersleben gp

- bathurst

- nuerburgring sprint

- nuerburgring gp

- monte grande

- road america

- rouen gp

- shanghai road circuit

- shanghai najing

- shanghai gp

- silverstone international

- silverstone bridge gp

- silverstone gp

- suzuka east

- suzuka west

- suzuka gp

- Tokyo dockside

- tokyo circuit

- tokyo westbound expressway

- willow spring horse thief

- willow springs gp


4) Important info about the new AI adjustment feature


The latest mod version includes six optional AI strength increase packs. Ultimately it will allow a player to adjust the AI strength to any value from 86%-100%.

100% stands for hard, 86% stands for easy and 93% stands for medium. Now it is very likely that your skill level doesn't ideally fit any of those 3 levels and you require something in-between.

Let's say you find hard as too much while medium is too easy. In that case select your in-game difficulty to medium, exit the game, launch JSGME and choose one of the optional packs, experiment with them to

find your perfect AI level. Remember to disable the previously used pack before enabling a new one. Once you get a hang of it you'll be able to customize the AI to anything you want.
Ok cool I'll wait...if u interested in I can send u that mod...its really great one...and thank u again
Well I think that is a good idea to have it, but if i have it im going to check after I finish, and this is going to take a very long time because baiscally i have to re-remake the 2 point, but i'll be grateful if you can send me the mod
Porsche Cayman S

And another B class car, yay.
In reality there isn't a lot of things that you can say about the car, is a light, sport coupe with a relative high ( too much for its own good in my opinion) top speed, so its an agile and very balanced car.

The problem with the car is it stupid top speed of 277 km/h (or 172 mph) that added to a hiccup in the torque curve, maker the car somewhat bad in the turns, but with a proper tune is not a unsolvable issue.

In its race form, i added an extra gear to the car and shortened the final gear so now it have a top speed of 330 km/h aprox, with that now the car has a very nice accel, improving its top speed.

So in conclusion, this is a nice car to buy
Lexus IS-F

This is a car that is supposed to fight vs the sports car of its era, and in my opinion it both fails an succeed in an spectacular way.
This car is a luxury sedan that is supposed to be sporty too, an its accomplish that, but in a weird way (more on that later).

Thanks to its 8 speed transmission (side note: for that era i can say that seriously wtf, do you want a truck or a car) it has a massive acceleration, and thanks to a "low" top speed of 275 km/h (or 171mph) this is one of the few cars that can reach its top speed in the nurburgring döttinger höhe.
But being a luxury car has it cost, its stupidly (and probably very comfortable) soft suspension make the car impossible to turn at any speed, ESPECIALLY during long soft turns, and because basically there is no upgrade of top speed until the race form in the long straights you're going to be outclassed by the other cars, specially by the supercars.

For all this in my opinion (and i remark this IN MY OPINION), the japanese actually, and accidentally (maybe) make an muscle car. Obviously this is probably a very controversial phrase to a lot of people and i want to make another note for my definition, so im going to keep reviewing the car.

Even with the bad driving of the car (if you brake during a climb o a fall you're going to lock the brakes) is a little bit tail happy making it a dorifto machine, but that's all, if you don't correct fast enough you're going to spin, the car is unforgiving in this aspect too.

(Me in a nearly life & death situation... again in the same exact place as the GT500).
In its race form it has the same flaws as stock but it was diminished at a certain range.

First of all now the speed is 330 km/h (around 210 mph) and it can reach it without major problems.
The handling is better, but still has a soft suspension so it's still bad in curves, but if you believe in the heart of the car, you can actually more less overcome this with a combination of drifting and power sliding, but be careful because the car is like a cat when you touch its belly, it maybe like it but when comes the time when it doesn't it's going to bite.

So in conclusion, the car is a very good one, and it has a lot of potential, but you need to tune it to unlock all its power.
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About my definition of a muscle car is this:
"A muscle car is a 2+2, sedan or an sport coupe that accomplish the following aspects in the stock form:
-It need to be a RWD
-It can be mid engine, but preferably needs to be front engine
-The chassis need to be as clean as possible (minimum aero features, depending the power it handles) and it can't have installed a wing
-The engine needs to be a V8 naturally aspirated or supercharged
-The engine needs to have lot of torque (relative to its power(in other words, the max torque and the max power can only have a maximum 2k rpm difference) )"
And because I forget to put in the review f the IS. The 1/4 mile results in stage 3 and race for was the following:
High 9's and mid 9's respectively
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