NES vs TSR Exhibition Event: January 2nd 2019

Welcome to the official thread of the NES vs TSR Exhibition Event!


Event Organizers:
@PSN offapple [offapple]
@GTWelsh [GT-Welsh]
@fastnloud30 [vrsSTIG]
@CrazyJohn [CrazyJohnIsHere]
@Hasse R [DirtenDK]
@DrifterJoe [JoeOfTheFire]

The NES vs TSR Exhibition Event is a 1-off special event hosted by the 2 league racing organizations NES & TSR. It is designed to be a friendly competition where 7 drivers representing each series (14 drivers total) battle it out in a 1-make race featuring the Renault Mégane Trophy.
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Rules, Regulations, and General Info

Here are the rules, regulations and general information of the NES vs TSR Exhibition Event. Please make sure to read all of the sections:

January 2nd 2019 (Wednesday)
7:00PM GMT
All times are given in GMT.
8:00PM: Lobby opens. Gathering period begins.
8:20PM: Qualifying begins.
After Qualifying: Break period begins.
8:40PM: Race starts.
Qualifying is a 1-shot Super Pole format.
Lowest racing number goes out first, and every 15 seconds the next car goes out. This repeats until there are 5 cars on track at once, then everyone else waits for that group to finish their laps before the next lot repeat the process.
Laps: 27 (Approximately 50 minutes)

Start Type: Manual Rolling Start with 1 Pace Lap at 50MPH (80km/h). 2 by 2 after last chicane, with odd numbers on the right. Leader decides when to go full power after pit wall.

Grid order: Based on Qualifying
Boost: Off
Slipstream Strength: Real
Visible Damage: Off
Mechanical Damage: Heavy
Tyre Wear: 2x
Fuel Depletion: 2x
Initial Fuel: Default
Grip Reduction: Real
Race Finish Delay: 180 Seconds

Maximum Power Limit: 359BHP
Minimum Weight: 955kg
Maximum Tyre Rating: Racing Hards
Minimum Tyre Rating: Racing Hards
Tuning: No Limit

Ghosting: Off
Penalties: Off
Flag Rules: Off for Qualifying, On for Race

Countersteering Assist: Prohibited
Auto-Drive: Prohibited
Car: Renault Sport Mégane Trophy '11
Power: 100% (359BHP)
Weight: 100% (955kg)
Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya
Afternoon 16:30 (Sunny)
1st = 14pts
2nd = 13pts
3rd = 12pts
4th = 11pts
5th = 10pts
6th = 9pts
7th = 8pts
8th = 7pts
9th = 6pts
10th = 5pts
11th = 4pts
12th = 3pts
13th = 2pts
14th = 1pt
The 2 teams (Team NES & Team TSR) are made up of 7 drivers each, with reserve/substitute drivers being allowed if main drivers aren't present.

Each team must use the same livery on all of its cars, but should have each car slightly different for identification purposes e.g. different coloured mirrors etc. It is up to the team leaders to create/assign the liveries for all of their members.

Drivers can choose what colour/variation they want as long as it's not taken, as well as their preferred racing number if not taken in whatever style they want.

The liveries should use the following:
Wheels: Standard.
Car Number Design: Custom.
Window Sticker: Black.
Driver Name: On (whichever version stands out best).
When signing up, please write your entry post in this format:

PSN ID #Number
Preferred colour/variation

For example:

offapple #9
Team NES
Light Blue
No foul language.

No texting during qualifying or the race besides the moderators, as it could be considered distracting.

Track limits are 2 wheels on track or kerb.

Squeezing is allowed as long as there's no contact or no forcing off the track.
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Entry List

Here is the official entry list for the NES vs TSR Exhibition Event. Restricted to members of NES and TSR only.


Sniparator #2
offapple #9
armoredcore12 #12
CrazyJohnIsHere #25
JoeOfTheFire #27
Nilsemann2002 #62
steviea712 #712
mika8102k #46


dad24dh #24
vrsSTIG #44
WhiteFlight1 #52
GT-Welsh #63
JC10110 #67
T5Black #79
samdigby #98
Jomas_74 #?

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Race Results

The race results from the NES vs TSR Exhibition Event.

Pole Position: samdigby (1:50.018)

1st: CrazyJohnIsHere +14pts
2nd: JoeOfTheFire +13pts
3rd: vrsSTIG +12pts
4th: GT-Welsh +11pts
5th: samdigby +10pts
6th: T5Black +9pts
7th: Nilsemann2002 +8pts
8th: WhiteFlight1 +7pts
9th: offapple +6pts
10th: JC10110 +5pts
11th: Ninja__Karma +4pts
12th: dad24dh +3pts
13th: mika8102k +2pts
14th: GRM_Bandit +1pt

Fastest Lap: CrazyJohnIsHere (1:48.765)

Team Results: 57 - 48 Team TSR
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United Kingdom
Not long now. This should be great fun and looking forward to the HTRG after.

@ steviea712

I've sent you guys a psn friend request as if all goes to plan I'll be opening the lobby.
See yous all very soon :)