New G29 Issue?

United Kingdom
United Kingdom
So has anyone else had this issue in GT Sport since the last update?

Essentially hitting a kerb in a particular way, or even in some instances correcting a slide slightly too aggressively and the wheel becomes misaligned. So you have say 70° lock on, hit the kerb, and then suddenly your 70° lock is needed just to keep the car straight.

The light feel at 0° of lock is still there, but at that point your steering heavily left or right. Its pretty much impossible to drive well with it when it happens, so if its in a race your pretty much done.

I can't find anyone else reporting the same issue, so I don't know for sure if its due to the update or just a problem with my own wheel, but it seems unique to GT Sport, ACC has had no issues ( so far atleast )

Any information or help is appreciated.

TIA, Phil