Nissan and Italdesign Reveal $1m GT-R 50 Production Model

The Bronx
The side view reminds me of a Dodge Charger. Order it with the General Lee livery. ;):sly:

Nah, seriously. Loved it from the start. Get it in GT7, PD.
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Here to Eternity
How come it’s so much more than the normal GTR
Low volume production, co-developed by Nissan and design house Italdesign to commemorate the 50th anniversary of both the GT-R nameplate and the Italian firm, and with all-new bodywork. It's meant to entice collectors and is priced accordingly.
United States
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"GT3 race car turbochargers, new cams, changes to the ignition, intake and exhaust systems, and a whole new crankshaft. That bumps power up to 710hp". I somewhat like the looks, its different. But come on with the R36 already.
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