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Hello racers.

The THUNDERCLUB will start a new racing series for historic cars only.
Like the headline says, we like to do a "replay" of the WSC 1992 with
sports cars and prototypes (group C) from that decade.

There will race two separate classes (with separate scorings) at the same
time. One class (group C prototypes) for the "hardcore racers" and one
class (N400 / N500 road cars) for all drivers who like it "comfortably".

Each car in each class will have a special Balance of Performance to
create a balanced starting grid. The idea behind that: All cars in each class
will be able to do exact the same laptime.

The series will start at October 1th and will be continue every following Thursday.
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Hey Zoppo, nice idea, looking forward to more information. Also wondering what cars you will chose for the GT class, F40? 930? R32 GT-R?

Anyway, I will see if I find the time to take part. Sadly, I normally always have a fixed appointment on Thursday nights but there might be some changes to my schedule in the next couple of months and I might be able to sneak a guest start in, we will see.

Good luck with the BOP ;)
It´s done and we are readdy to go!
Here are all informations and rules for the new series.

The car list for the WSC 1992 (BOP for power / weight in %)

Jaguar XJR-9 ´88 ------------ 62 / 96
Mazda 787B ´91 ------------- 67 / 103
Mercedes C9 ´89 ------------- 57 / 96
Nissan R92CP ´92 ------------ 56 / 95
Porsche 962C ´88 ------------ 86 / 100

BMW M3 Sport Evolution ´89 ------------------ 168 / 90
Ferrari F40 ´92 --------------------------------- 78 / 116
Ferrari GTO ´84 --------------------------------- 92 / 103
Honda NSX Type R ´92 ------------------------- 133 / 98
Lamborghini Countach 25th Anniversary ´88 -- 88 / 88
Mazda RX 7 GT-X (FC) ´90 ---------------------- 192 / 96
Mitsubishi GTO Twin Turbo ´91 ----------------- 163 / 85
Porsche 911 Turbo (930) ´81 ------------------ 160 / 92
Toyota Supra 3.0 GT Turbo A ´88 -------------- 173 / 85

Important information:
Please make a good choice in wich class or in wich car you like to race, because every driver has to stay at the car wich he used for his very first race the whole season. It is not allowed to change the car or the class.

1. Autopolis -------------- 01. October
2. Monza ----------------- 08. Oktober
3. Brands Hatch --------- 15. October
4. Spa Francochamps --- 22. October
5. Le Mans --------------- 29. October
6. Lago Maggiore -------- 04. November
7. Nürburgring GP ------- 12. November
8. Suzuka ---------------- 19. November
9. Laguna Seca ---------- 26. November
10. Catalunia ------------- 03. December

The races:
Every race lasts 90 minutes, additional with 15 min qualifying.
Every driver has to do one 5 min pitstop during the race. 15 min
after start to at least 15 min before the race ends.

How to do the 5 min pitstop?
That´s very easy! If you drive into the pitlane the server immediately takes control about your car. And now: Do nothing - don´t press any button. Your car will stop at your mechanic crew and all you have to do is watching the pit standing time (the right one in the middle of the screen) till it shows 5 minutes. Now press any button you like to continue the race. It makes sense to do the 5 min pitstop together with a regular pitstop.

Time shedule: (German time zone!)
8:00 pm --------- Lobby opens
8:15 pm --------- Qualifying
8:30 pm --------- Race

Please notice: Show up with a ready to race car at the lobby. The races will start just in time. Who is not ready ("Please wait a moment, I have to adjust something") will miss the start.
Like in real life.

Just the best eight races (out of 10) of every driver will count for the championship. If you miss one or two races for some reason, you will keep the chance to win. We use the scoring system of the german VLN series.

Tires ------------- Racing soft, medium or hard
Tirewear -------- Stage 1
Gas -------------- Stage 1
Penaltys --------- medium
Damage --------- high
Tuning ---------- free
ABS ------------- free
All other driving aids are not allowed.

Special penalty:
If you cause a damage to another car, you have to go in the pit immediately and must stay there for one minute (standing time!) before you continue the race. The procedere is the same like at the 5 min pitstop.

Overlapping - but sure!
The main rule by overlapping slower cars - the slower car has the right of way! The slower car has to stay at it´s usual line without giving space to the faster car. Just the driver of the faster car takes care about safety passing! In doubt he has to stay back and has to wait for good place for overtaking.

The reason for it: The slower sports cars driving at their limit too. It´s always a high risk to hectic maneuvers under these conditiones.You cannot expect a slower driver to risk damage to his car in order to let passing faster cars immediately. For that reason: Please show respect and be considerate - don´t be ruthless!

Our main rule:
We are friends on the racetrack - not enemies!
Fair comes first - the victory comes last!

Kind regards to all: Zoppo (race director)
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Hello friends
Unfortunally we will close this championship with the next race at Lago Maggiore.
It makes no sense to continue the series with just 7 drivers - or sometimes just 5.
I´m sorry about that and like to thank all those who joined in for a different kind
of racing. I tried to do something special, away from the daily mainstream. But
most guys like to do the same thing every single day. Thanks again to all guys
who tried to bring it up.

But every end is a new beginning.
The THUNDERCLUB will start a new event series on Thursday, November 12.
We will do Spec-races (Cup-races). All drivers use the same car. But the idea
is to use mainly those cars wich rust in the farest corner in our garages. In
fact those cars wich normaly are chanceless in their classes (N100 up to

Let´s bring them back to daylight!
Try to find the keys, wipe off the dust, make an oilchange and fire them up.
The Dodge Challengers, Toyota 2000 GTs, Chevrolet Camaros, Ford Mustangs,
and a lot more forgotten cars are no longer just lame cars. Because they will
race at spec-races in their own class.

Bring them back on track!
A lot of us owned famous classic cars, but there is no chance to use them.
The group X spread too much from history to modern cars and in power too.
Spec-races are the solution to race with Shelby Daytonas, Ferraris P4, Ford
Mark 4 or Alfa Giulias.

If you are interested about it, please join us at the THUNDERCLUB. Every
clean and fair driver is welcome. We race just for fun - no championship
or scoring.

BOP: on
Damage: off
Tuning: allowed
Penaltys: low
ABS: free
No other driving aids are allowed. No tirewear, no gas consumption.

Every race a new track by voting for it. Same one car per day. That will
safe time for racing (6 to 10 laps per track). You can optimise your car
from race to race and bring it to perfect conditiones. We share our tips
and setups to create good races.

KInd regards to all - Zoppo