Non-Racing Car Drift Trial: Circuito de la Sierra

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I don't know about the spring rates as I am not on the PS3 at the moment. I usually go for a lower anti-roll value. Say 2 and the front, 3 at the rear. I would also alter the toe values. a negative value on the front and a high positive value on the rear. I usually start with a value of say -0.20 (Front) and 0.50 (Rear) and play around with the toe until you can hold a drift without the rear spinning on you. I hope this helps.
As far as spring rates go on drift car you want to be just a little bit softer than a race tune, if you make it too stiff then the car gets twitchy. While the twitchyness makes the car easier to initiate the slide with it makes it much harder to control once sideways and hazardous when transitioning one way to the other. If you keep it soft then you slow down the weight transfer and help keep the car stable.
I generally set the rear toe between 0.14 and 0.20, this will help prevent over rotation but allow you to hold bigger angles better and stop you straightening up too much on exit. Front toe is a matter of preference and car specific, if you want it to turn in harder then toe out is the way forward, if you want more front end grip once sideways then toe in is the way to go.

With LSD settings, 60/60/60 will give you the most consistent rear end whereas 5/60/5 will allow you to quickly rotate the car by lifting off the throttle sharply which is better for transitioning. If you find the rear is pushing round too much on the throttle then drop the Accel figure, this will help prevent over rotation and give you more speed on exit which is useful on faster circuits where maintaining momentum is key 👍