Normal serie, can the Supra RZ win ?

Discussion in 'Gran Turismo 1' started by Biased turkey, Feb 4, 2005.

  1. Biased turkey

    Biased turkey

    Winning the Normal ( untuned ) serie with the Dodge Viper is quite easy. I won ( but just once ) with the Acura NSX.
    Did anyone on that forum win that serie with the Toyota Supra RZ ? Can it be done ?
    Any other car that might win that serie if you drive it perfectly ?
    I have the NTSC version.
  2. SportWagon

    SportWagon Premium

    The new Supra RZ and the one you win from the series can win fairly easily if you practise. I would not say you need to drive perfectly.

    Even the Supra '95 RZ can win it. Against the NSX even.

    People say you can win with the Eclipse GT.

    RX-7's make a bit of a challenge. I have beaten the NSX with the RX-7'91 Type R. The FD RX-7's are comparable in specs, and I think the new Type RZ is the lightest. (Actually, the Aspec is lighter, but it's screwy because a game bug managed to give it absolutely no stock downforce--still, you might like it.)

    Hints for winning this series.

    1) Practise.
    2) Reload the game until the NSX Type S Zero is not in the AI lineup. That makes it a lot easier.
    3) Practise.
    4) With harder cars, be willing to settle for 2nd at GVEii and 3rd at DFRW. That will give you 37 points to the AI's likely 36.
    5) Practise.

    My records claim I have beaten the TRD 3000GT (i.e. no NSX) with a Lancer Evo III. That's close the the most challenging I have done, I think. Well, I did win with an Impreza'94 Wagon, too. And that entailed a bit of luck.

    Always try to qualify, and usually do a few practise laps so you are getting the best from your car.

    Another hint.

    Get your the gold medals on all your IA licenses, and then immediately after that try the Normal Series again.
  3. SportWagon

    SportWagon Premium

    If your browser is compatible and your computer relatively fast, ==>>This<<== should give you a list of possibilities, based on the Eclipse GT claim.

    Realistically, I'd say only consider cars with power-to-weight ratio greater than 0.90. And remember that if power-to-weight ratios are equal or close, the advantage tends to go to the car with more power. (That is why I managed to get winning with the Supra'95 RZ down to a science, while the Impreza'94 Wagon would still, I am pretty sure, be a challenge. (Even assuming I got back to that level of practise).

    At the top of the list you will see a bunch of other relatively easy winners (once you learn to keep them on the road) which I haven't mentioned.
  4. liam2maps


    I might give it a try but taking a guess, yeah I think the supra could win it barring you know how to use the Supra well.
  5. TMM


    I'm pretty sure that I won the series with both the TRD3000 and the Supra RZ, but I think the NSX was out to lunch for both occasions, I'd have to check my records to be sure.