NSX JGTC 2001 and 2003 compared - good work by PD!

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    Buggy Boy

    Besides the 2003 Takata NSX, the 2001 Mobil 1 NSX (AI car) can be unlocked in GT4P with a cheat code.

    Today I tried the 2001 Mobil 1 NSX again, this time with my DFP steering wheel.

    The first impression is that this car was copied from GT3C to be used in GT4P as an AI car, without doing much to it. But I guess they did work on it!

    The car is very hard suspended, and makes the same noise as the JGTC NSX's in GT3C. But when you start to drive, everything falls right. The needles start to vibrate at 170 km/hr already, against 200 km/hr for the 2003 Takata NSX. Vision gets more blurred by the vibrations, and you feel vibrations in the steering wheel from 170 km/hr and higher.

    And here comes the explanation : somewhere between 2001 and 2003 the JGTC rules were changed. The bottom of the cars had to be flattened, to reduce downforce. A time ago I read the witness-report of a driver, who said how much downforce was lost on these cars by that change of rules.

    And so you feel the consequences in GT4P :
    - the long 180° right hand corner can be taken flat out by the 2001 NSX, at 190 km/hr. In the 2003 NSX this does not work, you go off if you try to go faster then 180!
    - the 2003 NSX is softly suspended, as visible in the replays. The car allows the driver to hit the cerbstones. Don't try this in the 2001 NSX! The combination of hard rebounce and loss of ground effect sorts in a loss of control when you hit a cerbstone. Clean driving pays in this car!

    The power off both cars is not visible in the menu (why is PD sometimes so secretly about tech specs??). However, the 2001 NSX tops on the Fuji straight line at +/- 260 km/hr, while the 2003 NSX tops 10 km/hr faster. I can't say if this is the result of higher power/torque, a reduction in drag, or both. Result is that the 2003 NSX laps a little faster then its 2001 counterpart, despite the lower downforce.

    This is very well done by PD :tup:

    Although the 2001 Mobil 1 NSX is not in the Master Car List, I'm sure that it will be in GT4.
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    i dont like to cheat but i have to wait until next weekend to get a memo card for my ps2 so i can chewat until i can save. do u need a gameshark or sumthin for these or do u just tap it in on the pad?