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Hi guys..

This has probably been discussed many times, but I have only just picked up gt6 and want to get back into online racing.
Is the handling difference that was in gt5 when online/offline present in gt6??
Hi guys..

This has probably been discussed many times, but I have only just picked up gt6 and want to get back into online racing.
Is the handling difference that was in gt5 when online/offline present in gt6??

There is a very slight difference in the lap time, but personally that is the only thing I notice.

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There is a noticeable difference in handling, stability and lap time in my opinion. Lap times are usually 1-2 seconds quicker offline.

Recent example: Last week's Car Of The Week, the 1963 Corvette Coupe C2 Race Car, where there was a Time Trial at Willow Springs (Big Willow).

Offline with Sports Soft tyres equipped, you could take both the long second turn and long final turn with your foot pinned to the floor. Trying to do the same online with Racing Hard tyres would cause the outside rear wheel to spin up and the vehicle to violently snap with little notice. Over all lap times between the two where almost the same, even though online tyres were supposed to have more grip and produce faster lap times.

It's good practice to tune your cars in an online room rather than offline if you intend to do some competitive online racing. What may be a stable setup/tune offline often becomes a lot more edgy online.
Bear in mind online with tire wear/fuel consumption enabled, the tire wear and the amount of fuel in the car can change the handling. I often test my replica online at Tsukuba with fuel/tire wear on very fast, and I can drive similar lap times as offline, when I fit fresh tire and fuel is about 25% in the tank. The handling is very close to offline in this state.

There's also a difference in handling offline when comparing SS to RH, especially on road cars when not fitted with chassis rigidity. The violent snaps of RH tires can be amplified when running low or zero camber and toe + low lock/near open LSD + relatively soft springs.

I see a gulf in car balance alone when fitted SH and SS to Ford Falcon AU XR8 ( race car ) compared to RH at High Speed Ring seasonal ( GT500 ) that currently runs. This is with no tire wear, and adjustments may be necessary to suit the tire characteristics.
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United States
I've never noticed a difference, but I usually drive cars that I don't have much experience with and don't pay attention to lap times.
I notice with boost on handling is inconsistent throughout the race even with tire wear off.
Practicing before the race starts I can do say 10 laps very consistent each within fractions of a second but once the race starts you never know what the car is going to do.
Braking points changing,rearend breaking loose spinning out on a car that won't spin the tires in 1st gear let alone 4th or 5th like it does and have to slow down to 40mph before I can regain traction and stop the car from fish tailling all over...
Corners that normally could be taken easily at say 100mph I am sliding off the track at 60 mph.
It does not happen all the time but does it at the worst times.
Say you got a 5 lap race and you are in first...usually on the 3 or 4th lap you will come into a corner braking at your usual braking point but this time you are sliding off the track when you should have easily made the corner.If you were lucky to keep it on the track is when your car that you can't make the rear tires break loose if you tried in 1st gear is now lighting up the rears in 4th gear going all crazy having to almost come to a stop before the tires change back from red.
Its like I am loosing 20% of my traction and lasts long enough to slow me down to loose a position or wipe out then back to normal till the next time it just happens randomly out of the blue.
My favorite though is doing time trials.Once I get gold the game will not let me beat my best time.I have tried for say 100 laps and stupid **** will keep happening but if I mess up I can make up 4sec off my best time but never beat it.But if I shut the ps3 down then try again it will let me beat my time once then back to the stupid **** happening.
Tiny bit less grip available online, not enough to drastically affect a cars characteristics (unless its already on the grip limit offline) but noticeable in terms of lap times.