Open-World Sandbox Racer Wreckreation Coming to PC and Consoles in 2023

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This looks like it'll be a pretty cool title, provided they are able to achieve what they set out to do with the older hardware limitations.


I was hoping for something closer to Burnout Paradise 2. The Hot Wheels/TrackMania loop the loop thingy might be cool if you're 10, but it doesn't appeal to me long term.

We'll see how good the ground level map is. 4x FH5 size is pretty big and I doubt a small studio like them can make it as densely packed with fun stuff to do.


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Sounds like a copy-paste asset flip that does doesn't know whether it's trying to be like Burnout or Trackmania


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It's literally in the article.

Incidentally, there's a fair bit of confusion about the play area size. It is - according to the official press release and subsequent dev comments - around 400 square kilometres, which would be equivalent to a square that's 20km x 20km. Forza Horizon 5 is just over a quarter of that (just over 100sqkm, equivalent to a square that's 10km x 10km), so it's about four times the size of FH5's Mexico. This looks like a large but correct figure.

However... the presenters in the Showcase stream gave two other completely different figures, some of which have been reported elsewhere.

Firstly, they said 400,000 square metres. That's 0.4 square kilometres, not 400, and would be about the size of Boeing's Everett 747 factory - equivalent to a square that's just under 633m x 633m. This is quite obviously wrong.

Then they said that's 150,000 square miles. It's not; 400,000sqkm - 400,000,000,000 square metres - is about 150,000sqmi. But even if it were, 150,000sqmi is not quite twice the size of the entire United Kingdom, and also quite obviously wrong unless the PS4 and Xbox One have a very well-hidden talent. Even at 200mph flat out you'd have to spend two hours driving from one side to the other.

They also said there's 450,000km/280,000mi of roads. I hope that's a limit of how much road you can put in the game, taking three dimensions into account, because otherwise there's more than the entire UK's road network in 0.05% of the space.


Basically Wreckreation's PR department needs some math tuition.
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Looking back at Danger Zone and Dangerous Driving and how they were barely working games, yeah, I doubt this will end up any better.
Yeah my hopes are pretty low as well for this reason, hopefully with THQ Nordic on board as publisher they can focus more on making a game that's actually playable.

This exists in GTA Online already, no?
What's your point? :confused:
Nice to see 3FE still has a heartbeart, but at this point it just seems like their flogging Burnout-style gameplay until it's a dead horse.
Gotta love it when the reveal can't get the correct information across. Surely they have a fact/feature checker!?
Possibly a sale purchase down the road with any added DLC incl., but really not that interested.
I'm a racer... not a Hot Wheels stunt driver.
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If they're going in the Trackmania direction that it looks like this could be interesting. Trackmania is an underappreciated gem.
Trackmainia's building was fun but the lack of real AI made the game kind of lame. AT least it has ghosts. But I did spend an absurd amount of time making tracks.
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Looks like a unity game? Also, crash physics look off, also, don't like the lighting engine. In some instances it actually looks great, then another shot it looks overly dark and another shot it has too much bloom...way too much. My expectations are extremely low after their last 2 "games"...
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Big ideas, tiny studio. I dont see this ending well. Don`t promise the universe if you can only deliver a rock.
Trackmainia's building was fun but the lack of real AI made the game kind of lame. AT least it has ghosts. But I did spend an absurd amount of time making tracks.
Trackmania is almost entirely structured around time-trialling and asynchronous competition. AI has never been a thing, you say "at least it has ghosts" but ghosts are the heart of how competition works in the game. There's some more "traditional" online stuff with the ranked mode and Cup of the Day, but fundamentally it's basically Gran Turismo Licence Tests: The Game. The driving part is largely built around the medals, the ranked leaderboards, and the assumption that players are trying to improve their times on a given track.

To be clear, that's not for everyone and that's fine. Not everyone likes time trial challenges and grinding to try and perfect every single line, drift and jump in a run. It's a niche thing, but Trackmania does it incredibly well. That's what I mean by an underappreciated gem, especially given that a lot of it is free to play.
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THQ also publish Wreckfest right?

I wonder if it has Wreckfest physics. That would be awesome. The name seems to draw allusions to Wreckfest. I'll keep my fingers crossed that there's some common DNA in the engine.
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Would more consider Monster Jam Steel Titans and Baja Edge of Control, first for the physics, second for the large map.
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The NVIDIA leaks awhile back had Wreckfest 2, given that the first game is still new on Switch and mobile it would seem weird to me to release a new game so soon after. So maybe this is what the leak was referring to. I'm fine either way if it's closer to Wreckfest or Burnout, I just hope it's not a mess of both.