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Discussion in 'Hybriding' started by MassHole311, Mar 9, 2002.

  1. MassHole311


    I just downloaded the hybrid program and I am curious to know what parts give the best gains in their respective categories.
  2. MazKid

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    for turbo=Altoworks stage 3
    NA=Viper GTSR Stage 3
    Wieght reduction=Viper GTSR Stage 1
    Intercooler=Esprit 350
    Muffler=Viper GTS
    Rear or front Tires(most grip)=F1 cars 5.5
    4WD tires=RUF 3600 S(maybe, that's what I use)
    4WD drivetrain=Altoworks
    Fastest engine=Sample 002
    that's about it.

    What I suggest is having the car in your garage with no parts, then adding parts in the program. Then when you start the game take the car to the parts shop and just look at the parts. Sometimes the part will be better than the part you put on the car, so just buy it.
    If you change tires, Wieght reduction, or any other parts like that don't buy the parts cause it will reset the parts. So you have good wheel size on the car, don't buy tires or it will give you the smaller tires.
    Just be carefull not to mess stuff up. :)