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Hi there,

I accidentally start a new game and lost all my progress BUT... I have the cloud save with the data from the last session and it works just fine when I start the game offline so wanna ask if there is some way how to use these online again.

There should be a way to sync the data with PD server but I dunno how to do it. When I start the game offline I have my cars and money but when going back online the game just save the server data (blank one) to my console and all is lost again.

It does NOT matter for me if I could play online or not because I rarely use this option but in offline mode the Brands Central is not available so I couldnt buy new cars which is sad, weird and many other things U probably could think of.

Is there a way to fix it please?

Sincerely, Jan

EDIT: its really strange cause I found out that my money and cars are gone but my school progress, exp from circuits etc. are OK, so in fact some data lost and some not - how this is even possible???
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