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I'd love to get some more outdoors locations. Even just that narrow, stone pass and the Nurburg(?) Castle ruins scenes that were backdrops of the GT5 screens (I haven't had any GTs before 5 so I don't know what else has been available in the past).


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Otherwise, I'd think this was a silly thread because Photo Mode is such a big part of Gran Turismo. But to have some very nice locations from GT5 not brought over to GT6, when it's pretty much just a copy n paste procedure? This is puzzling. And of course, more new locations and features are always a good thing.

Kaz, you've always been pretty good about giving us more goodies. Don't neglect Photo Mode.
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This just isn't fair anymore. All these beautiful locations being dangled just out of reach...
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It would be major awesome to have a studio location with movable and adjustable lights, reflection planes etc.
Maybe choose a background color manually etc. etc.

An old barn + car park sounds nice too.

Maybe we can try more to get this under Kaz's attention. I think it shouldn't be that hard to realize, and it would be greatly appreciated by probably every photomode addict :D
Maybe start a twitter channel, facebook page or start a petition(website) maybe...I dunno.
This HAS to be realized :D
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Wow. That's will be interesting. As photographer myself, I was very surprised, when I saw photomode for the first time. And I'm glad it's steel here, in gt6. But things always bothered me with this mode:
Why music stops when I enters photomode? I mean, when I'm shooting photos, of course I need to concentrate, but music wouldn't disturb. If it just change to menu-music, it's ok. But why completely silence - I don't know;
Why 1/60 is the longest shutter speed? If this is somehow connected with possible bugs - ok. But if it's only question of performance - I think, we can wait;
Fixed cameras. Well, is it possible to know where are they? Every time I'm watching the replay, and see a good picture, I'm pausing it, going to photomode, but there is no camera from the replay. And all other cameras are useless at this moment. So i need to choose one of this cameras, and do countless play-pause tricks to get at least acceptable picture;
With all this new features like 24-hour day cycle, i'm reeeeeeally looking for the time-lapse feature in replay mode.
And another thing - i'd like to change focal length while choosing shooting position;
Fish-eye lenses? Please
Advanced tilt-shift, not just uncontrollable filter? Yes, give me two :)
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Considering Kaz likes to hold on to old 'artifacts' of past GT games (i.e the standard cars), it would be interesting to see the photo mode locations from GT4, 5 and 6 return, fully remastered for GT7 , alongside brand new locations. We'd be talking probably around 20+ unique locations.

Throw in adjustable weather effects and time of day settings for added flexibility.

I always felt like I was traveling the world to outstanding locations in the best cars in the world with Photo Travel. It's just as good as the racing itself :)
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These locations are unlikely to make GT7, but it's nice to think that maybe, at some point we'll see them in a GT game of the future :) (Sourced from Google Images... oh how thoughtful of me ;) )

Paris (France)

Lake_District (England)

Dubai (United Arab Emirates)

Sardinia (Italy)

Geirangerfjord (Norway)

Sweden/Denmark Bridge thingy (Could be a Photo mode location, but might be better off as inspiration for another 'Original' high speed race track...) *Wink wink* Kaz. *Wink wink*.

Some of these locations might need a bit of PD magic to make them work for Photo Travel, but as templates, I would very much like to see more locations like this in the future.

On a side note, what about the locations on the menu screens for GT5/GT5 prologue? Could they be recycled and converted into photo travel locations for future titles? o.0
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As an amateur photographer myself, I'd love to see more those features implemented into GT.

On a side note, The Sony A7S :eek: imagine if we had that camera's features in GT
Gran Turismo 6 Photo Locations
List of Photo mode Locations currently Accessible in Gran Turismo 6 listed by Country

Syracuse (Night)

Polyphony Digital
Gran Turismo Studio

City of Arts and Sciences (Night)

Gran Turismo 5 Photo Locations
List of Photo mode Locations currently Accessible in Gran Turismo 5 that could be added to Gran Turismo 6 pretty easily in an update. These are also listed by Country

Red Bull Hanger (Hanger no. 7)

Ahrweiler (Gate)
Ahrweiler (Street)
Ahrweiler (Town Square)

San Galgano Abbey
San Gimignano (Town Square)
Siena (Piazza del Campo)

Kyoto (Gion)
Kyoto (Shore-in)

Bern Marktgasse
Lucerne (Chapel Bridge)

United States of America
Indy (NASCAR Pit Stop)