Pikes Peak Hill Climb

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Pikes Peak Hill Climb - Full point to point with elevations

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Pikes peak international hill climb

Full point to point from the starting gate to the summit.

Sadly a couple of corners are downhill (approx 2% of total route) but the overwhelming majority is uphill.

A little wider (this allows for overtaking) and a little shorter than it should be.

The most accurate I could get with tpe limitations.

Please rate, review, like and enjoy.

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United Kingdom
United Kingdom
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Complete rebuild

Completely re built this track trying to get the maximum amount of uphill road as possible.

Starting at the top left and snaking its way down to almost the bottom right of the Andalusian terrain the track is now 10.07 miles in length.

This version has a climb of 889ft

Some small sections at the start of the track in the foothills area are on gentle downhill gradients but having looked at some videos this is the case on the original course in some places although this may not be...

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