playstation 2 online??

Discussion in 'Console & PC Gaming' started by coolrules, Aug 10, 2001.

  1. coolrules


    i read alot of things about the ps2 games going online and really badly want to be able to play games online as soon as poss as my comp is so old it cant do that.
    The computer i am using is connected via a phone line in to a 56k modem that is all i have and i would like to know if a normal phone line will be alright to play the ps2 online (i dought it i always get crappy luck) i really want to play online and please dont tell me to get cable or something cause there is no cable near here and this phone line is all i got.
    thanx for your time.
  2. whiteFang2k2


    hey i think they have only for the modem 56k. don't worried and i think most people can't affort to pay the cable modem like me. i use the damn 56k and so damn slow and computer too slow too, really suck.
  3. Ghostrider

    Ghostrider Staff Emeritus

    I have found racing online with my computer doesn't work that great, to much lag.  I am hooked up to an ISDN line.  Its gonna take alot of convencing me to get a modem.
  4. LiquidCrash


    Well, the DC modem I heard didn't have much lag at all. Hopefully PS2 will be in the same boat...
  5. rjensen11


    *caugh* *caugh* DC is out man. SEGA screwed themselves over with that thing. I have a cable modem,:D , and I REALLY hope that the broadband version will be able to log onto RoadRunner. If it doesn't, I'm sticking with my 2player battles.