PLEASE help me make the Fiat Panda into a winner!

Discussion in 'Car Tuning' started by Elstro, Aug 8, 2005.

  1. Elstro

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    I have a burning request. Alongside turning a TVR Griffith into a Speed 12 eater, a galumphing great VW Bora into pin-sharp handling perfection, an 800+bhp and still controllable Audi Nuvolari and other fast cars, I have also been fond of tuning rubbish cars such as Fiat Pandas. I have so far bought and sold no less than three of these boxy old beasts because i couldnt make them into race winners :tdown: I think that despite their ugliness, these cars have that certain sumthing about them that makes it fun smoking newer, prettier compacts in! But i can't!

    Any pros and experts who can give me gear/suspension settings to make the Fiat Panda (150bhp max) into a race winner or at least competitive?

  2. And while your in it , can anybody make me president ?
  3. Ha Ha! Speaking as someone who's actually driven one of these cars in real life I have to ask why on earth would you want to bother... seriously it's one of the worst cars I've ever driven. Really. Tin box on wheels sums it up perfectly. :boggled: It won't go up hills, the gear change sucks and if you're more than 5 feet tall you have to shoehorn yourself into the seat. :ouch: and considering it has a hairdryer for an engine I don't think theres room in its cigarette case size engine compartment for any extra bits anyhow.
  4. I really cant imagine a Fiat panda screaming along testcourse doing 200mph (would be funny) but no. You cant turn it into a winner Only in real life if you were some true nutcase with money to burn (if that description fits your bill can I have some money to burn of my onw?)
  5. Dark Elite


    I agree totally... Even if you did have money to burn your Panda would fall apart at more than 40mph. Can I ask why you want help in making such a car... good?
  6. -Cheezman-

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    The Fiat panda is a Crackerjack box with a lawn mower engine... although I think a lawnmower engine has better displacement.
  7. Dark Elite


    Couldn't put it much better myself, except I might say hairdryer engine as chug-a-bug did :D
  8. Well I got my Fiat Panda to go 130mph, I just brought a supercharger and lowered the weight, but I should imagine with better tyres and more adjustments you should be really able to go some.

    I love the rubbish cars too though that's part of the charm of the game if I just wanted sports cars I would have brought Burnout 3 or something.
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    Edit: Forget it this thread is ancient.
  10. g0ldhunt3r

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    i could tune a pile of crap to go faster than a fiat panda!!!!
  11. Petrolhead1

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    Very easy, all you have to do is tell the hamster under the bonnet to go a bit faster:sly:
  12. Petrolhead1

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    Is anybody doing this?