please !!! suzuka 8hrs bikes pics???

Discussion in 'TT Photo & Video Galleries' started by stiletto, Apr 8, 2006.

  1. stiletto


    :) :) hi everybody i wrote to ask for help to my fellow forum members about if its posible to anybody to post pics of the bikes that run in the suzuka 8 hrs appear to be in this game please until now i got 3

    the moriwaki tiger 1000cbr rm
    the kawasaki (sorry i dont remenber the sponsor) of 8 hrs suzuka
    and the yamaha presto yzf r1

    as far i know i read about are 5 bikes of this style in the game and as i see this 3 bikes i have are really good to ride in the game so that is the reason i want to ask if it s posible to anybody t post pics of this series of bikes and also the way to get it

    i have to go but im comming back in a while so y want to ask for your help in this topic

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