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Discussion in 'Gran Turismo 4' started by JMURDER367, Feb 24, 2005.

  1. cool, Ford GT is that can't use NOS in machine test right?

    it think this is great idea, posting top speeds, i'll do it when i get the game, but, can you also post settings? it would really help
  2. miura909


    that's about 457km/h

    I have managed 518km/h in the minolta toyota with nos, that's about 321mph
  3. miura, what about the settings?
  4. sorry double post.

    I only ever got around 450kph on GT3
  5. cjrciadt


    Can wait to retune the ESPIRIT 350 Sport again!! :tup: :drool:
  6. i don't like that test course at all. there should be some objects off the course, so that you could get that insane sense of going 450km/h. i mean, when i did
    it in GT3, it felt like i was doing 135km/h.... the test course with trees in GT2 was much better and so is LeMans
  7. cjrciadt


    Agreed in GT3 you did not now you were going 240+mph unless you hit the wall to the entrance of pit road and instantly stopped. Though the motion blur and sound effects in GT4 look like test track racing is a little it looks like hopefully (still waiting to get the game.:grumpy:
  8. lemans looks well quick on vids ive seen :)
  9. can you achieve greater speeds on unchicaned lemans or on testcourse?
  10. cool it sounds pretty realistic like a "real driving simulator" should be :indiff: :irked: :boggled:
  11. yeah, but i still don't believe it as this guy said already couple of weeks ago and gave no proof... everyone else was doing 470-480's
  12. miura909


    hahahaha you think im making it up?? I have no usb pen and so I cant get pictures, but if you cant do it youre a bit of a loser. Just take all the wing out, put the better turbo, nos with max power ( less duration) and set the gearbox for max speed its not that hard oh and minimum ride height

  13. no, i don't think you're making it up, i just wanted to hear the settings and it was the third time i asked so i used little reverse pscychology trick (like homer simpson:) so, no offense

    what about spring rate or other in-depth things? i guess minolta can go even faster...?
  14. miura909


    hey just tell me how you transfer the pics for a pen and I'll try using my portable hard disk ( since it's also a usb connecting storage device it might work ) and how can you show the speed on the pics?
  15. miura909


    i used a low spring rate because with a high spring rate the car gets jumpy at high speed so the smoother the ride the faster you can go ( i guess )
  16. miura909


  17. 164mph Mazda RX7 RS but I just bought the game yesterday without the transfer from GT3
  18. MCX


    246 MPH Ford GT with no Nitrous.
  19. yeah thats ok. You could proablly reach around 190ish with heavy tuning if you wanted
  20. 286.28 MPH - Cadillac Cien - with nitrous.
  21. WHAT!! thats a bit OTT. What track?
  22. 498km/h with 1200hp Pagani with NOS.
  23. On the stop speed track. In stock form it did 228mph. I added nitro & a supercharger, just shy of 1,000hp right now.
  24. after viewing replays i think the long straight on lemans is good for getting top speeds aswell
  25. People, do you see these speeds??!!! I mean, 450 km/h, that isn`t realistic at all!!! How do you explain that???
    And something of topic, did you notice the flying cars in pictures that many people have posted? Is this realistic? I don`t think so! If Mclaren F1 can fly so high on Seatle, then ok. But It can`t. The real driving simulator, eh? right...
  26. BlackZ28

    United States Tulsa, OK

    hmm.. is lemans in N/A GT4? I havent seen it yet..
  27. Fully see where your coming from aye!im still waiting for gt4 (13 day :banghead: !)anyway i was doing 400km/h last nite on gt3 and you feel like your hardly moving!
  28. why isnt 450km/h realistic? Back in nascar in the 70's during a race, someone set the current record of 225mph and the course was only 1.75 miles long.

    the test track is supposed to be 6 miles long. I dont see a problem here. We have guys going 450MPH at bonneville here in the states.

    mabye your just stupid. lol
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