Potential Tracks That Can Be Added

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Since I have so many USA tracks listed, which one do you want added the most?

  • Lime Rock Park

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  • Circuit of The Americas

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  • Watkins Glen International

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  • Indianapolis Motor Speedway

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  • Long Beach Street Circuit

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  • Mid-Ohio Sports Car Course

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  • Road America

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  • Road Atlanta

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  • Virginia International Raceway

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United States
United States
Gran Turismo Sport has a great selection of real and fictional race tracks. However, I believe additional locations would make a lot more people switch to this game. Before you read the list, yes I do have a lot of tracks from the United States. I think there's so many iconic locations missing in the USA that could make for some fantastic races. With that said, these are my picks for additional racetracks...

Tracks located in the USA


Lime Rock Park (USA)

Circuit of The Americas (USA)

Leguna Seca (USA)

Sebring (USA)

Watkins Glen International (USA)

Sonoma Raceway / Sears Point (USA)

Daytona International Speedway (USA)

Indianapolis Motor Speedway (USA)

Long Beach Street Circuit (USA)

Mid-Ohio Sports Car Course (USA)

Road America (USA)

Road Atlanta (USA)

Virginia International Raceway (USA)

Tracks located in the UK


Silverstone (UK)

Donnington Park (UK)

Snetterton Circuit (UK)

Tracks located around the world


Circuit de Spa-Francorchamps (Belgium)
[Side Note] (This seems to be the most requested track currently.)

Hockenheimring (Germany)

Circuit Gilles Villenueve (Canada)

Canadian Tire Motorsports Park (Canada)

Imola (Italy)

Circuit de Monaco (Monaco)

Ricardo Tormo Circuit (Spain)

In addition to these real life tracks, it would be nice to see these fictional tracks return. As a Gran Turismo fan since the first game, it would be cool to once again drive on these tracks...


High Speed Ring

Autumn Ring

Trial Mountain

Deep Forest

Grand Valley

Seattle Circuit

New York Circuit

Rome Circuit

Apricot Hill

Mid-Field Speedway

Note that I did not add any Special Stage / Clubman Stage tracks to the list because Tokyo Expressway is very similar to them. (Although they just brought back Special Stage Route X)

These are my suggestions for additional tracks in Gran Turismo Sport. There's a great chance that many of these won't be added due to the shear amount of work that would need to be done, however I think it's an interesting topic. Feel free to suggest some of your own tracks; let's start a discussion!
Actually, I want the GT Original circuits to return (Deep Forest, Grand Valley, Mid-Field, etc...) while I also want Laguna Seca to come back (I voted for it), and how about circuits that were never been in Gran Turismo before ? It would be so cool to see circuits like Zandvoort, Road America, Sebring, Paul Ricard, Bahrain, and even Guia Macau, some interesting circuits that should be included in my opinion. That's all I have to say. ;)
Agree that GTS desperately needs one of the great US racetracks (I am saying that as a German who really likes watching IMSA races :)). My pick is Sebring.

Other than that and not yet on your list, I think Brno could be a very good sport mode track.
Shetland Isles
I voted for Sebring as it hasn't featured in Gran Turismo before and I enjoyed racing it in a different game years ago (can't remember which game now though).

But I would happily see any of the tracks mentioned above return/added. My picks for addition would be:

Seoul Central (I loved the JGTC race there in GT4)

And I would love to see Polyphony recreate some of the older versions of tracks again like they did with Brands Hatch and Monza for GT6. They could do it with Fuji and add the old banking or Silverstone or Laguna Seca. But as I say I'm happy with any tracks.
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