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Discussion in 'Hybriding' started by Riot Manhattan, Feb 24, 2002.

  1. Riot Manhattan

    Riot Manhattan

    Hey everyone, I'd like to purchase a copy of PS2, GT3, vertical stand, and a hardware in which I can put codes to enable the cars, but I don't know a site to buy? And which hardware to use to enable 100's of cars, I mean all of them, because I saw many screenshots, like Bmw's, Ruf's and every other great cars, how do people do this, is it possible with entering codes? Please help me about this.
  2. AJ22


    It is possible to enter codes and getting the cars. one thing that is bad about the gamesharks is that it overrides your system and changes how it reads your program which may result in your system not working. I have a gameshark and there is an unlimited money cheat. A good site to by gamesharks and other ps2 things is . the best sites i know for codes are and . A tip is :!: DONT USE THE JUMP CHEAT FOR GAMESHARK :!: it really messes up your system i did that but i was lucky it still worked.
  3. VIRacer


    don't you think cheating sucks ? i'm sorry but all my friends would hateme if i cheat on GT2.