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Discussion in 'Console & PC Gaming' started by Concept, Nov 21, 2001.

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  1. Concept

    Concept (Banned)

    Ok everybody heres the deal on the PS3. Its all truth:

    In 2006 Sony will be releasing the PS3. Right now already Sony,IBM,and another company are working on a processing chip called "The Cell" which will change the whole gaming industry. It is said that it will cost each company about $400 million just to do their share in making "The Cell" When all is said and done it will have cost about $4 Billion dollors total to mass produce "The Cell."
    "The Cell" is said to be the heart and soul of PS3. Sony does not plan on releasing PS3 until around 2006. Sony said it will give them enough time to finish "The Cell" and that they will keep the traditional $299 price tag.

    If any of you out there think I am making this up, read up on it at
  2. Zero


    I read about this in my lastest EGM/GameNow dont remember which one.
  3. Magic069


    until then, what about plans with the PS2? Any ideas on updates or ideas that Sony may have to keep the PS2 the ultimite gaming system?
  4. Jon

    Jon (Banned)

    Please look at the read topic for further info. Reply there.
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