[PS4] Unofficial GTP Crew | Joining, Events and more

Now that that's out of the way, here's a few things to take note of:
  1. Either there was absolutely no interest in making a megathread or there's just nobody playing on PC/XB1. So this is PS4-only for the time being. If people ever feel like changing that, hit me up.
  2. I plan to get events going at a decent pace from now on, though not to the point where we exhaust their potential before the calendar's out. I'm thinking every two weeks or thereabouts to start.
  3. The first of these events will be a classic game of Hide & Seek, which shouldn't be too difficult to comprehend. Later events may be anything from racing in a specific performance class to things like Hunt The Survivors/Tag, or this thing I've got worked out by the name of Palm City Survivor.
  4. You may or may not get booted if you're never playing the game or participating in events. Obvious exceptions can be made for holidays or generally bad times.
  5. I have deleted the outstanding requests in the crew. Starting from now, if you want to join, you will need to at least make the required post in this thread. If you feel like also sending a request in-game, that'd be mightily apreciated, but ultimately optional.
  6. If you want to help out with the organising of the everything, send me a message of some description. The game will only allow for 5 official "Administrators" at a time, but there's no unofficial limit. Again, I just need to know I can trust people.
I don't mind running events. I'm in UK. I'm on most of the week for near enough most of the day.
There are a lot of places like this.
Port Murphy - jumping on containers
Central City (what was in game district name?) - jumping on monorail segment.

Also in huge mining place there are some ramps like that

+ Police really hates jumping. It is also easy way to kill some cops.
When I take a jump the cops seem to jump aswell. Even jumping downhill to avoid S bends in road.
Somewhere in the UK
Player 7421
PSN: Player_7421

Time zone: GMT +00.00 (UK)

I’m active mostly everyday. Will probably be a bit busy during the Christmas period, however I’m usually free almost everyday unless something comes up and college.

Edit: Thanks for the add! Appreciate it. :cheers:
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