PS4 vs PS4 Pro Performance Comparison

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Just upgraded to a PS4 Pro recently whilst still using a 1080p TV set (so no 4K just yet). I’m trying to ascertain wether there’s any major performance enhancements over using a base PS4. GT Sport’s performance already seemed highly stable on the base unit, running at a silky smooth 60 FPS. For me this was a huge upgrade over the PS3 era as performance back then was quite unstable.

The only thing I’ve spotted so far is a motion blur effect at the edges of the screen to create a better sense of speed. It’s a technique I’ve seen in other rather racing games and something I don’t recall seeing in Gran Turismo before. I wonder what else PD have done to take advantage of the extra oomph?

Finally here’s another thought, if the PS4 Pro can handle day/night and weather transitions whilst maintaining 60 FPS, should PD patch this feature in for Pro users? Naturally this would be unfair for those with base PS4s so it would be undoubtedly a controversial move.
As far as I'm aware the base model can sometimes dip below 60 FPS, but the Pro should keep it locked there 100% of the time.

Other than that I don't know of any differences although the new Pro may run a little cooler and do the job a bit easier.
The Pro's were also revised about a year and they started fitting much quieter fans, not sure if the standard model got this change.
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In my experience SuperSampling on and GTSport in quality mode will see some dips in FPS at the start of races. Especially grid starts.

SuperSampling off and GTSport in Quality mode gives minor dips in FPS at the start of races.

I run with SuperSampling on and GTSport in Framerate mode and it looks great. I haven’t seen any noticeable FPS drops.
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I stopped using 4k and supersampling when I noticed frame drops, usually with a full field of cars. I play in 1080 with GT set to best framerate, it looks much smoother.
The frame drops aren’t that frequent, just when there’s a lot going on but it’s enough to brake my concentration so I all ways go for the best framerate.
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