Quarantine Cup (Season 2) GR.3 R1@ Bathurst Thurs 23/04/20. Races every Thur and Sun

United Kingdom
United Kingdom

After just finishing our first season of our racing league whilst we're all in lockdown, we are looking for more drivers to fill out the grid to ensure we have a full grid every race. We currently have 11 drivers, and are looking for both race and reserve drivers. All skill levels are welcome, as the league is primarily about having fun in an organised race where clean racing is prioritised.

We are currently doing two races a week, Thursday and Sunday evenings at 20:00 UK Time (BST currently) though once the lockdown ends and goes back to normal we will go back to just Sundays.

It's a six race season.

Round 1: Bathurst - 17 Laps - 23/04/20
Round 2: Fuji - 22 Laps - 26/04/20
Round 3: Blue Moon Speedway - 40 Laps - 30/04/20
Round 4: Kyoto Driving Park Yamagiwa - 23 Laps - 03/05/20
Round 5: Autodrome Lago Maggiore GP - 18 Laps - 06/05/20
Round 6: Autodromo de Interlargos - 23 Laps - 10/05/20

Lobby is usually open before hand, but event starts at 20:00 BST, once everyone has joined we perform a stuck check and go to qualifying.

Qualifying: 10 Minutes - No tyre wear or fuel consumption during Quali.
Start: Standing with False Start Check (Except Blue Moon Speedway which will be a rolling start)
Grid Order: Fastest First
Boost: Off
Slipstream Strength: Real
Visible Damage: On
Mechanical Damage: Light
Tyre Wear: 7x
Fuel Consumption: 4x
Tyre Compounds: Hard, Medium, Soft, Super Soft
Initial Fuel: Default
Grip Reduction: Real
Race Finish Delay: 180 Seconds
Category: Gr.3
BoP: On
Tuning: Prohibited
Ghost: Lapped cars
Short Cut Penalites: Weak
Other Penalites: Off, contact and unfair moves decided by stewards and awarded post race penalites if required.
Driving Aids Prohibited: None


To keep things fun for those who might be in the fight for the drivers championship, there is also a team championship, Two drivers per team, and must use the same car. Only 1 car per team.

During the race two types of tyre compounds must be used.

Point System:

1st - 15
2nd - 12
3rd - 10
4th - 8
5th - 6
6th - 5
7th - 4
8th - 3
9th - 2
10th - 1

Extra point is awared for Qualifying, and another point is awared for fastest lap.


Team 1: Full, Car: Ford Mustang Gr.3
Team 2: Full, Car: Ford GT LM II Test Car
Team 3: Full, Car: Aston Martin V12 Vantage GT3 '12
Team 4: Full, Car: BMW M6
Team 5: Full, Car: Jaguar Gr.3
Team 6: One space available, Car: Subaru WRX Gr.3
Team 7: Vacant
Team 8: Vacant

If you would like to sign up please post, or message me your

PSN Name: