Question regarding qualifying in lobby

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Hey all! :)

First, I posted this in the "GTS Online Racing & Leagues" subforum, but I feel like that's more of a forum to promote and manage leagues, so I'm dumping this here :).

Admin, please delete my other thread if possible.

So, to the point! I'm hosting a local league that starts early April and I'm laying the finishing touches on the setup. These are long races (1hr+) with tire wear and fuel deplation, heavy damage, no aids aside from ABS etc etc.

However, I wanted to have the qualifying session (practice, 20min) with no tire wear or fuel depletion and no damage as well.

To achieve this, do I understand the lobby correctly, and this is what I need to do:

- Have "Set by Host" as grid order
- Start the lobby with my desired QF settings
- Run the qualifying for a set amount of time
- Screenshot the QF order
- Reset the Lobby setting to race settings (lap times reset)
- Arrange the participants in the order from the earlier laptimes
- Start race

I'd love some feedback on this, if there is any easier way for me to do this.

Also, if you could share with me how you guys do qualifying, that would be cool :). Do note that I want to run QF in the lobby session, but not in a form of players running hotlaps before, and submitting their laptimes.

Maybe I'll just end up having fuel and tire economy along with damage on during the QF to minimize the hassle, but I'd love some feedback =)

Thanks! :)

EDIT: If I have tire/fuel economy on, I assume fuel amount and tire wear will reset for the race? :D
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Why not leave tire and fuel alone? Thats the way it is in real life. I set the room for fastest first. Let everyone practice for how everlong. Then when ready to start qualifying just change tracks. Wait for it to load then change it back to the track you want. This will wipe out any laps times. Let everyone run laps for 20 min then start the race. I've been doing this sonce 2011 and it works just fine. Simple too.