Race physics at stock settings?

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First of all I know this game is quite old, but I still enjoy it a lot and prefer it over Codemasters games. The sense of speed is incredible in F1CE.

What I was wondering is does anyone know if you can race fast at default car settings and all aids off? At certain corners I always spin out when I take the corner fast (for example the first corner at Silverstone).
I remedied this by using these settings:
But I mostly play against a friend using LAN mode and sadly you can't use custom car settings in this mode.
I spin out a lot less by cranking stability control up to strong, which makes the car handle a bit more like when it is properly set up. But it feels like cheating, so I would really like to know if the stock settings allows anyone to go fast and take corners agressively and it is just me who handles the car the wrong way.

Btw I'm using a Fanatec GT3RS wheel and Fanatec CSL pedals.
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