RaceRoom Flash Sale Slashes Prices on Over 100 Cars

Tenacious D

GT5 Standard rapscallion
Tetsumura / GTP_Tetsu
Nigel Fox
I find it strange that no one has commented on this yet. Maybe everyone is playing Enthusia. ;)

This is a really good game with solid physics and reasonably good A.I. Getting everything can be expensive, or most of it, but sales like these are perfect for giving you a good bunch of toys to play with. I've been playing my synthesizers lately, but am intending to get back into some RaceRoom action, and probably GT6 and AC, this Memorial Day weekend.
Or busy playing it and assetto corsa :D.
RaceRoom is my absolute favourite sim racing game ever. I like AC as well but R3E has a very special place since buying it in 2015.

I spent a lot of it but i always grab the rest while on Sale. Wish they were more people active here.