Rain Talk - Wet Racing Lines, inters vs. wets, etc.

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Has anyone tested the "wet racing line" to see if its prominent in GTS? I've only spent a little time playing since the update and not sure if I could tell a difference in lines. Also, I've read that the amount of water on the track is different with each time setting and wanted to hear more thoughts on that and the appropriate tire choice as it relates to each time setting. Road cars with wets vs. inters. vs. comforts?

I was happy the way the wet weather physics felt (G27 user) but again haven't had much time to experiment.

BTW: this is for a online lobby with all settings in the real/sim settings. I only use abs...
I put some time into the 10:45 track yesterday, using the heavy wets.
It has been a long time since I've driven in the rain so it's difficult for me to make any solid judgements, but I certainly enjoyed the challenge.
I found it a little frustrating at times, but an enjoyable frustration. :P

I tried the WRX and the McLaren.
And the thing that stood out to me, and something I thought was cool, was the difference the way these two cars could handle the same wet conditions.
The mid-engine car seemed to handle the regular racing line quite well.
The front engined car wasn't having a bar of it.

I finally found an off-racing line to get the WRX through some of the sections I was having trouble with, but it was a fairly slow learning experience.

I just found it interesting (in a good way) that the two cars handled the same section of track so differently that finding a different racing line was required. 👍