Ratchet & Clank UYA & Deadlocked Online Multiplayer Revival 2021

Hi guys, I've heard that a small team of R&C fans have been reverse engineering Ratchet Deadlocked & UYA and have managed to recreate their own server for the Online Play in multiplayer and it's currently live for people who have NTSC copy of the game. PAL (Gladiator) owners will have to wait a little longer cos of different networking protocols. They are the R&C Online community (Who are NOT affiliated with Sony or Insomniac) and they have their own Discord community with over 1000+ members at the moment and their own little website. If you've ever played this online back in the day, surely this will bring back memories.

To join, there's no need to mod/hack your vanilla PS2, you just need to create a network config on your memory card with only one setting to change in DNS server settings. PCSX2 emulator will also with a network plugin however in-game might be a bit laggy. Unless you have FreeMcBoot installed and are playing Iso's on USB on PS2, this will also work but might take longer to setup cos of some technical issues. Of course most importantly, you must have a copy of the game.

I jus' wanted to share & let the :gtplanet: community know about this, especially any R&C fans who may be interested. I've joined the fun and it's my first time, never played this online before! Come check out the gang and maybe I might see you in-game.

Discord group:


  • The Deadlocked server went publicly live on Oct 2 2020
  • UYA server is available to public and is currently in alpha stage. Went live on 14 Feb 2021.
  • UYA & Deadlocked/Gladiator HD versions on PS3 will not work.
  • Network configuration file on memory card is easy to setup with DNS server settings set manually.
  • NTSC versions of BOTH GAMES will only work so far as far as I've heard, PAL owners will have to wait a little longer cos apparently the login system in Gladiator & UYA is different.
  • Clans in UYA & DL aren't working yet, but will be reinstated.
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